7 Simple beach hair to wet hair

Since childhood, I learned the truth a year - do not dive. Bathing does not leave your hair a chance for a decent view. So I thought until I learned about these stylish way to put wet hair. This can be done before, after and even during bathing. No intricate braids and Greek hairstyles.

1. Three beam

7 Simple beach hair to wet hair

Before you laid, sprinkle with hair conditioner. He will soften the hair after chlorinated or salt water from the sea or the pool.

Divide the hair into three parts. Spun careless beams downward and fastening pins. Make multiple beams at different heights will be easier than to gather unruly hair in a high bun. Besides, it looks original.

2. Twisted braid

7 Simple beach hair to wet hair

The wet hair is difficult to braid, so if not taken care of spit in advance, take advantage of this simple way.

Gather hair into a low ponytail, scrapie rubber and divided into two parts. Twist each of them in the same way. Thereafter, twisting them together and lock one another band.

Do not be afraid that the hair unwind. If done correctly, you get a reliable and stylish hairstyle. In addition, when the dissolve braid hair will flow elegant waves. For other ways to curl hair without ironing and curling irons we described in this article.

3. The high beams

7 Simple beach hair to wet hair

Everyone's favorite option, with which your hair will suffer with dignity, even a protracted sea voyage.

Divide the hair and make two high-tail. After gently screw them into two beams and fix pins.

The beauty of the beams is that they look good in a careless volume version and smooth sleek.

4. The braids around her head

7 Simple beach hair to wet hair

Believe me, make this hairstyle is much easier than it seems.

Apply to hair conditioner and let it sink in a bit. Take a lock of hair on the front part, a simple plait braided and affixed a small rubber band. Do the same with the other hand.

Wrap each braid on the opposite side and fix invisible. One braid must be placed under another. Ok, now the hair does not fall on your face, and you're a little bit like a mother dragon.

5. Low beams

7 Simple beach hair to wet hair

Let us go back to the beam, because hairstyles with them is as simple as it is diverse. This is an elegant option that will allow you to go to a party straight from the pool.

At the top of the head make a side parting, and on the bottom - line. Divide the hair into two parts, twisted into low beams and secure with rubber bands.

It is important to smoothly combed hair. Add a bit of money to fix, so they do not pushilis after drying.

6. Bubble tail

7 Simple beach hair to wet hair

Another alternative weaving braid, however, have to stock up on rubber bands for her.

Make a low ponytail and tightly engages. Then wear a little rubber bands every couple of centimeters.

I hope you understand that this hairstyle for owners of thick and long hair. If your watery tail barely braided in a thin braid is better to leave this idea.

7. slicked back hair

7 Simple beach hair to wet hair

slicked back his hair with a wet effect which year did not go to the catwalks and red carpets. But nowhere is this hairstyle will not look as natural as on the beach.

It is suitable for any length and requires almost no effort. Zacheshite hair back, secure the upper part of the invisible. Separated by a small strand from the right and the left, put them on top of the first clip, and also lock the invisible.

Well, if you're laying in front of the treated hair gel, then the effect of wet hair is not lost after drying.