5 jewelry that complement your image

No matter how you love your pearl studs, diamond ring and pendant with garnet, jewelry etiquette dictates its own rules. In this decoration must not only be combined with each other, but also to approach the entire image as a whole.

Together with designer jewelry brand BLAGENA Anastasia Vasilyeva Heroine will tell you how to wear jewelry and combine them with the clothes to look stylish and modern.

1 Ring

5 jewelry that complement your image 5 jewelry that complement your image

Modern fashion can simultaneously carry multiple rings on one hand, by combining with any clothes. It is important to ring in harmony with each other and with other decorations, as well as have similarities in design. Wear rings are precious and simple jewelry to emphasize the division between the rich and not-so has no power over us. If you're afraid to experiment, choose minimalist decoration or discreet stones - this tandem will never fail.

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2. Suspension

5 jewelry that complement your image 5 jewelry that complement your image

The main rule when wearing pendants - a successful combination of ornaments with a cut on clothes. Accentual suspension with stone in the center or elongated look good deep V-shaped cut. Square neckline itself expressive, so here it is better to give preference to small pendant geometry. Round neckline perfectly complement stacked chains and ornaments, repeating its shape. Do not be afraid to experiment with different sizes, textures and themes, as well as add volume with a silk scarf, religious symbols or scarves. The only time when to be modest in the accessories - if the chosen thee outfit is bright enough and the volume to sustain more and more layers of jewelry. See the suspension

3. Earrings

5 jewelry that complement your image 5 jewelry that complement your image

When choosing earrings should start from the general style of clothing. For a business suit image small pusety, earrings, drops, pendants and chandeliers can be put on an evening event, and Kaffa, neat and concise rings earrings with geometric design easily fit into any everyday onions. If you want to wear multiple earrings at the same time, they should have the size: the largest should be closer to the face.

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4. Bracelet

5 jewelry that complement your image 5 jewelry that complement your image

Bracelets can be worn on both hands, and in any quantity. The main thing here - to observe a single style, and pick up a successful clothing. With calm bows in pastel shades well look large accessories with bright stones and original design. By the garish clothes with bright prints should choose concise jewelry, so as not to overload the image. Special attention to the sleeves if they have a embroidery, lace or sequins, from bracelets to refuse at all costs.

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5. All at once

5 jewelry that complement your image 5 jewelry that complement your image

Not to accidentally turn into a representative of camp style, think about how you will arrange accessories in its image. Determine a central decoration around which lines up the remaining composition. This can be a suspension with a large striking stone supplemented more concise earrings, a ring or bracelet, similar in style. For everyday is the best way to combine the different designs of jewelry, but also sets was not forbidden. Designer jewelry brand BLAGENA recommend wearing some jewelery from the same collection if you have not had time to train and select suitable nasmotrennost each other accessories of different styles.

New collection of brand named Silky Silver is just perfect for this purpose. Silky Silver jewelry created on a "mix and match", which means that you can combine with each other all the decorations regardless of the shape and color of the stone. For example, a ring with a square quartz looks good with a rectangular agate pendant, bracelet and with a round agate - round pink earrings.

Feature of the collection - a special metal processing equipment, through which decorations have turned soft and airy. The choice of stones are also not accidental, agate and quartz help you find spiritual harmony, reveal elegance, sophistication and grace.

The entire collection is made of silver 925 coated with rhodium and that gives the product a noble gloss and minimizes irritation to sensitive skin.