What you need to know about laser rejuvenation: 5 questions to the expert

What you need to know about laser rejuvenation: 5 questions to the expert

Laser cosmetology brought rejuvenation to a new level: now the fight against aging can be no surgery, injections, pain and health risks. Experts offer a variety of laser procedures, we want to talk about the most perfect of them today - 4D-rejuvenation. Tell us what is worth knowing about the innovative laser technique that allows you to keep the skin in good shape all year round.

This article, we have prepared in cooperation with the Center for Cosmetology and beauty experts Cleo Line, which used an innovative laser technology to restore the health and beauty of the skin, as well as beauty treatments for body care, hair and nails. Thanks to the variety and quality of services, here you will be able to choose an effective solution for any problem.

1. What is 4D-rejuvenation?

What you need to know about laser rejuvenation: 5 questions to the expert

4D-rejuvenation - a unique procedure, unlike other laser rejuvenation techniques. The new patented technology is only beginning to conquer the market, but there are already clinics that offer services 4D-rejuvenation.

Run this procedure only on the unit Fotona SP Dynamis, other lasers are not able to reproduce such innovative technology. At Fotona SP Dynamis two types of lasers: erbium and neodymium. Their combination allows for a whole range of anti-aging treatments: skin polishing, hot and cold peeling, deep and ultradeep rejuvenation.

Fotona 4D - it's two types of laser and four patented technologies. During one session the skin is a set of step-rejuvenation treatments, the effect of which is visible immediately and lasts for years.

4D-rejuvenation is shown to those who have soft tissue ptosis, keratosis, pigmentation, wrinkles, folds (no matter how deep), and any woman over 35 years old - because this time, the skin loses its former elasticity.

2. What is the advantage of 4D-rejuvenation?

The main difference and advantage Fotona 4D from other kinds of rejuvenation - laser works not only on the skin surface, but also from the mucous membranes, for example, the oral area. Due to this tissue is heated over the entire depth, and there is a maximum uniform production and distribution of collagen and elastin fibers. As a result - a complete restructuring of the dermis at all levels, a marked effect tightening and facial rejuvenation.

The advantages of the procedure you will notice not only in appearance - skin becomes more elastic, radiant and fresh, but also on their own feelings - the laser is completely painless. All stages are without anesthesia, because it is not required. If you have tried other types of laser rejuvenation, for example, CO2 laser resurfacing, you know how unpleasant and can be traumatic procedure. Fotona 4D allows you to completely avoid this discomfort, and it does not affect its anti-aging effects.

Another feature of the 4D-rejuvenation - a short rehabilitation period. Within 48 hours you fully recover. In addition, such a procedure can be carried out all year round, even in summer, not only to fresh tan.

4D-rejuvenation technology can be freely combined or replaced in stages, depending on the season and the needs of the skin. For example, replace the laser peel to a surface polishing to once again not to overload the skin. This ensures individual attention and maximum effectiveness of the procedure.

3. How the procedure is performed?

The main area of ​​work with 4D-rejuvenation - middle and lower part of the face. Four rejuvenation techniques are performed alternately. Each of them has its own unique features, but enhances the effect of other technologies. Tell me more about the stages of the procedure. Smooth Liftin

At this stage erbium laser is used, which acts on the deep layers of the skin without touching the surface. It stimulates the synthesis of the main construction material of collagen in our skin, reduces wrinkles and tightens facial contours.


Here, works the fractional laser pulses acting on the surface and medial layers of the skin. As a result, narrow pores and smooth out wrinkles.

What you need to know about laser rejuvenation: 5 questions to the expert

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This procedure is performed using a long-neodymium laser, which allows uniformly to heat all skin layers. The effect of it is similar to the type of injection technique biorevitalisation. Skin is deeply moisturized and tightened.


At the last stage worked surface layer of the skin to return it reflective properties. It is polished on a "cold" laser peels. Due to this layer is removed keratinized cells, because of which the skin is not getting enough oxygen and becomes lifeless. Due to the treatments, acne scars, age spots, wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

4. What effect does 4D-rejuvenation?

The combination of four different methods of laser rejuvenation allows you to work simultaneously with the surface layer of the skin, subcutaneous fatty tissue, ligaments and muscles, achieving noticeable results after the first procedure.

With the 4D-rejuvenation you can get rid of the nasolabial folds, crow's feet, flews, fuzzy oval face, pigmentation and other signs of aging. The procedure will be useful to those who want to get rid of post-acne traces, dull complexion, freckles and dehydrated skin. The final effect will be noticeable within a week, be fixed for a month and will continue up to six months.

What you need to know about laser rejuvenation: 5 questions to the expert

5. How to care for a person after the procedure?

At the time of rehabilitation, which will not last more than a few days, it is impossible to use cosmetics, visit a solarium and wash with warm water too. The rest - there is no need to take sick leave and stay at home. Special care and skin is required, the application of a sunscreen with SPF-filter from 30+ when entering the street will suffice. Furthermore, it should give up bad habits and undergo periodic biorevitalisation procedure - then the effect of the 4D-rejuvenation can take up to 5 years or more.

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