How to keep hair color bright summer

How to keep hair color bright summer

If you often dye their hair in bright colors, it probably already guessed that summer - the worst possible season to preserve the coloring. Excessive exposure to sun, salt water, chlorinated water - all this destroys the work of your colorist. We have gathered a few basic rules that should be followed if you want to keep hair color as long as possible.

to discuss painting with the master

Before you go on vacation, including a bright sun, the pool and the sea, prepare yourself the color of their hair. Check with your master if he could make an extra moisturizing treatment during the application.

You can also ask to make an additional "glossing" or Biolaminirovanie with which the hair is attached to a natural shine. First, in your hair proteins are deposited liquid reducing hair porosity, then toning - Coloring pigment cool or warm color.

Wait after painting

It may take about 72 hours to coat the cuticle close and save the hair dye. After staining, you should wait for more than three days - and only then for the first time to wet hair in the water. The task may seem daunting, so try to schedule a recording to the salon before the start of your holiday.

Wet hair beforehand

How to keep hair color bright summer

If you are going to swim in the water, it will definitely lead you to color washout and a violation of the structure of hair. Salt water and chlorine - the most dangerous enemy for a bright color, so that to prepare for the protection of their effects need to advance.

Try to pre-wet your hair with fresh water - perhaps it's a bit reduce the absorption of harmful substances. You can also apply on your hair a special cream or conditioner to fill the follicles and prevent the ingress of aggressive substances.

Next, what you wash your head

The way you treat hair in the evening - has an important role in how the color of your hair will remain. Stop using harsh products, especially shampoo or other means with sulphates. Rinsed with fresh water and air head, which will help fight fading. Think also about the use of additional oil to ensure adequate moisture.

Add color to your air conditioner

You can add to your special care staining balm. It can be tinted roots of your hair and saturate the entire length, keeping the color fresh and bright.

Bear in mind that if you prefer red or red shades - they are the most prone to vanishing, since these pigments consist of large molecules. If you chose these colors, be sure to pick up a special tint mask, preserving pigment saturated.

How to keep hair color bright summer

Give up ironing

Hot weather causes the hair I want to wash more frequently, which means that and put them with a hair dryer, ironing and Kerler also have twice as much. Try to use these accessories less, pre-select a new form of styling.

Pumps an SPF

Sunscreens are needed not only to protect your face, but also for hair and delicate scalp. Use natural products without alcohol content and with a low weighting oils. Apply them throughout the length of hair, paying special attention to the roots for 20 minutes before going outside.

Do not forget the hat

How to keep hair color bright summer

Given that the effect of SPF ends after a few hours, protect your hair with a hat or cap. A nice bonus: it will also allow you to increase the protection of your face to maintain youthful skin.

And you changed in your summer body care, skin and hair?