5 essential accessories for cars

Riding behind the wheel on the Russian roads - it is stressful, but in particular the scale of patience begins to break records when the car the children are sitting. Jumping on the seat, shouting and every minute matters when we come - with active kids is not a moment's peace. To you once again not to be distracted from the road and is not worried about the child's comfort, Heroine made a selection of children's car accessories, which are certainly not to be redundant in the road.

1. Seat

5 essential accessories for cars

Car Seat - the most important auto accessories for the child that is responsible for its safety. Cybex car seat advantage in the high safety performance, while they are distinguished by a bright, but the sleek design and the ability to pick up a stylish accessory for any budget. Bypassing the law, many parents neglect the car seat and the car is usually limited to a belt. However, in case of emergency or sudden braking belt will not save the child from injury, as not designed for passengers who are shorter than 140 centimeters. In addition, strapped to a chair child can not move freely through the cabin, constantly distracting you from the road.

2. The pillow under your neck

5 essential accessories for cars

The pillow under your neck allows your child to relax and sleep comfortably even in the back seat of the car. The most popular option - in the form of a bagel, not allowing the head to throw back or lean to one side. Such accessory securely fixes the cervical vertebrae, maintains normal blood circulation, remove the voltage from the neck muscles and prevents pain. Order a pillow under your neck

3. Case-organizer

5 essential accessories for cars

Case-organizer, which is installed in the front seat of the vehicle, will make your next trip less stressful and possibly less expensive. Rather than making a stop at a coffee shop or supermarket, take a bite out of the house, the child did not go hungry on the road. Moreover, in the case organizer can put paint and pencils, playing cards and toys, in case your child gets bored.

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4. Car Holder

5 essential accessories for cars

If you go on a long trip with children, set on rear side window or the front seat headrest car holder. It is universal, suitable for your phone or tablet - just turn on a selection of baby's favorite Disney cartoons and enjoy a relaxed trip. If all goes well, you will reach the destination before the children get bored, and you will not hear those most terrible words: "Are we there yet?".

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5. Akupunturny motion sickness bracelet

5 essential accessories for cars

Children's vestibular system is sensitive, so fatigue, nausea, stomach discomfort or dizziness in the road - a common occurrence. Alleviate the condition or prevent the symptoms of motion sickness will acupuncture bracelet. His goal - to slight pressure on biologically active point of the pericardium P6, located in the wrist. Point impact creates a nerve impulse that goes to the brain and blocks the feeling of nausea. Order bracelet

6. seat cover

5 essential accessories for cars

seat cover - not just a stylish accessory, but also reliable protection of the upholstery traces dirty shoes. With their help, you can save significantly on the general cleaning, including dry cleaning. Mantles, made of ductile kozhzama, easy to use: the well and mounted adjacent to the back seat does not absorb wet dirt and mud, are easy to clean even with a dry cloth or towel.

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Order children's accessories can be at the Center for Security-site children passengers' AVTODETI "who cares about the comfort and protection of children on the road. Center pays great attention to the safety of car seats, so they go on sale only after testing. In addition to car seats and other car accessories on our website you can also enjoy video and radio-nurses, high chairs, strollers, scooters, electric vehicles's Skin, sunscreen cosmetics, and even humidifiers.