Natural beauty: how to make your eyelashes perfect

As we age, our eyelashes become thinner and hair loss becomes commonplace. If you do not have serious health problems, it may be due to improper care, lack of vitamins, stress or unhealthy habits. Fortunately, Heroine knows how to make eyelashes longer and thick - and this applied to 12 layers of mascara do not need them to build or daily. Here are a few effective ways that can help you recover them.

Balance the power

Natural beauty: how to make your eyelashes perfect

If the problem is loss of eyelashes lies in the lack of vitamins and minerals - to work on their diet. Refuse intermediates and to focus on foods rich in keratin, unsaturated fats, vitamins A, B, E, zinc and iron: chicken, lean beef, cheese, milk, olive oil and linseed oil, nuts, apricots, grapes, bananas, lentils and cocoa.

To speed up the recovery process to take vitamin and mineral supplements for strengthening and growth of hair - they are similar to and will help your lashes. See that in the composition required to have vitamins A, D, E, K and group B. Together they enrich the roots of oxygen, restore the damaged bulb, nourish and moisturize hair, activate their growth.

Do massage age

To restore eyelashes health, beauticians advise every night to do a light massage century with the addition of the base oil. You can choose one or mix oil composition: almond and coconut reduce brittleness, peach and olive will give shine and to stir up the dormant bulbs, and sea buckthorn add thickness, and at the same time smooth out and tighten the eyelid skin. Apply a few drops of oil on the fingertips and gently massage the eyelashes and eyelids. Try not to stretch the skin and get oil to the eye. You can add in a mixture of liquid vitamin E: it nourish the skin of eyelids, slow down skin aging, strengthen and lengthen the eyelashes, stop hair loss.

Use serum

Natural beauty: how to make your eyelashes perfect

Serum for eyelashes are designed to restore and nourish lashes with vitamins, accelerate their growth and protect against the loss, but they are not all created equal. In most of them added bimatoprost - hormone-like substance that is in regular contact with the skin and eyelashes irritating the hair follicles, causing itching, allergic conjunctivitis, and the proliferation of vascular mesh violates the metabolic processes in the retina and optic nerve. Therefore, with a choice of serum must be very careful and read carefully the composition.

In XLASH serum is based on an innovative set of substances - the peptides inositol (provitamin B8), biotin (vitamin B7), natural plant extracts, hyaluronic acid. He works in several directions: make eyelashes long, thick, and provides comprehensive care. The manufacturer promises visible results within 3-4 weeks, with the most vial is enough for 2-3 months of use. Whey has light texture, do not contain harmful chemical compounds safe for sensitive skin and can be used even with the overlaid or extended eyelashes, and its effectiveness is proved by clinical studies. Order serum

Choose the quality mascara

Natural beauty: how to make your eyelashes perfect

When choosing mascara, focuses not only on the proposed effect - the volume, density, or lengthening eyelashes - but also on the quality of the product itself. Pay attention to the smell, too sharp indicates that the composition contains a chemical solvent. Look at the consistency - a good mascara should not be too thin or thick, it will not smear, glue eyelashes, gather lumps and crumble during the day. If the composition contains vitamins - mascara will not only give an expressive look, but also strengthen the lashes and gives them protection from external factors for the whole day. Do not pity to throw away mascara, if the shelf life is coming to an end - the duration of her life, usually from 2 to 6 months. So you can avoid irritation, itching and eye infections.

Order ink

Take breaks in make-up

From time to time let the eyes to relax a bit from the carcass, at least 1 or 2 times a week, allow yourself to be make up free. One should not abuse eye compresses with decoction of herbs, black or green tea. Let them and contains nutrients for the skin and body, but they can be irritating to the mucous membrane of the eye. It is best to limit ourselves by washing with clean water, and then apply the same serum for strengthening and growth of eyelashes. Company Xlash Cosmetics is a success in many countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, due to its approach to the creation of cosmetics, based on respect for women and the planet. brand mission - to enhance the natural beauty of every woman to improve her style and add confidence. All cosmetics is created based on natural ingredients, so do not harm the skin, and after use - the environment. In addition to serum for the growth of eyelashes and mascara on the fortified site, you can find a styling gel and conditioner for the growth of eyebrows, balms to increase, nourish and moisturize the lips and curler with rubberized gaskets that provide a quick, natural and safe eyelash curler.

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