Stritstayl: how to replicate the image of the Milli Bobby Brown

Milli-Bobby Brown, brilliantly played the role of eleven in the series "A very strange case," boasts not only the title of the best teleaktrisa science fiction from the Teen Choice Awards, but also the ability to dress.

Together with stylists companies AIZEL.RU Heroine will tell you how to replicate the most successful images of rising Hollywood star and where to buy branded clothes that will look as good as on the red carpet.

Always have in the locker room shirt

Stritstayl: how to replicate the image of the Milli Bobby Brown

In spite of the fact that Netflix did Milly like a homeless boy in the life of a young actress looks pretty feminine. Instead of girly dresses and sneakers today in her wardrobe you can find concise blouses in pastel shades - perfect for every day. With their help it gives to its image of seriousness, once again recalling that it is a successful actress and girl growing up. One of the most popular options - mix skirt midi-length, elegant sandals with low heels and clutch with contrasting elements.

How to repeat: Elegant white blouse Dolce & Gabbana with a minimalist tie-bow, combined with a white cotton skirt with fringe and sandals ASH create your ideal image of this summer, and the Gucci handbag would be the icing on the cake and a perfect play up your image.

What to buy:

Blouse Dolce & Gabbana

Skirt with fringe Claudie Pierlot

Gucci bag

Sandals with rivets ASH

Experiment with denim

Stritstayl: how to replicate the image of the Milli Bobby Brown

Denim - a classic element of everyday fashion, which can be found in the wardrobe of any modern girl. The choice of the Milli - cozy light tunics, dresses and shirts with contrasting details. In combination with the sharp-nosed Cord boots, classic pumps or sandals elegant open these images make you forget that the original denim was designed for the production of unpretentious work clothes US longshoremen. How do I repeat: ordinary denim dress-shirt Dolce & Gabbana and black ballet flats with laces from Aquazzura succinctly complement black crossbody bag from Furla and elegant ladies watches from TAG Heuer. In such an outfit you can easily visit your favorite show, or enjoy long walks in the park.

What to buy:

Denim dress-shirt Dolce & Gabbana

Quartz ladies watches TAG Heuer

Ballerinas with strings Aquazzura

Crossbody Bag Furla

Do not be afraid to open the abdomen

Stritstayl: how to replicate the image of the Milli Bobby Brown

Despite the fact that the Azerbaijani prefer restraint in dress, she is not afraid of bold images, combining different prints and often opens the stomach. To crop the top did not look defiant, pick up the most closed bottom with a high waist, trying to stick to one color. Take an example with young actress and carry it with straight trousers and sandals thick heel or in combination with air kyulot, vintage shoes and jacket bomber.

How do I repeat: textured white trousers with high seating Alexander Terekhov perfectly met topom Dolce & Gabbana in a single image. A large floral print stamp image will give your romance, and studs of Manolo Blahnik - ease. Feel free to go in this way for a date or a romantic trip out of town. And in order to keep warm, grab a stylish bomber with sequins from Fashion.Love.Story, whose name speaks for itself.

What to buy:

Bomber with sequins Fashion.Love.Story

Top Dolce & Gabbana

Trousers Alexander Terekhov

Manolo Blahnik shoes

Combine black and white

Stritstayl: how to replicate the image of the Milli Bobby Brown

The black and white images are timeless, and they are hard to mess up. Milli skillfully uses this combination, emphasizing their natural gifts - pale skin, brown eyes, sensual lips bright and dark hair. Despite its apparent simplicity, a black top with a white skirt looks quite catchy and expressive, so do not require additional bright accessories. If the combination of white top, black bottom it seems too formal, choose interesting prints, openwork bezel, or try to open the back. How do I repeat: basic black top Dolce & Gabbana + stylish white skirt with embroidered Stella McCartney + black patent leather sandals steady heel Christian Louboutin = perfect minimalist image. The final touch - a ring made of white gold with black diamonds. Today you're ready for anything: Ideally you will look like a business lunch, and in the sudden hike in the theater.

What to buy:

Black top Dolce & Gabbana

White skirt Stella McCartney

Patent leather Christian Louboutin sandals

White gold ring "Kremlin masters"

Wear a jacket out of the office

Stritstayl: how to replicate the image of the Milli Bobby Brown

Millie looks equally good in everyday sportswear, elegant evening gowns and more rigorous way. We especially like the last, in particular leather dress-shirt with the classic white seed pans, sand set with pants and a blouse made of perforated fabric and poludelovye images with the jacket. Last at Milli typed an entire collection - different lengths, styles and colors. Moreover, in the performance of the young actress, they look appropriate with both mild shorts, floral blouse and patent leather boots and mini-skirts and elegant sandals.

How do I repeat: cotton body - an integral part of the wardrobe. Ideal would look like with a skirt or with pants or even shorts. We suggest you try on body with Dolce & Gabbana skirt, elegantly throwing shoulder black business jacket. The highlight may be the sandals Minimalist Sandal from Aquazzura, I bet you fall in love with them? In this way you can be occupied by a business woman, and go to the opening of a new restaurant.

What to buy: Jacket Dolce & Gabbana

Cotton body Ruban

Midi skirt Dolce & Gabbana

sandals Aquazzura

Where to look for branded clothing?

Stritstayl: how to replicate the image of the Milli Bobby Brown

AIZEL.RU - Russia's first marketpleys Courts, which brought together more than 700 clothing brands. Its founder - a fashionable inflyuenser Aysel Trudel - Russians opened dozens of new names in the world of fashion. Today, she is promoting Russian designers in the global fashion market and presents them in its online boutique, along with world-renowned brands.

The advantage AIZEL.RU - that clothing, footwear and accessories famous designers get here faster than in other Russian shops, and pre-order the new collections can be done straight from the catwalk. The company delivers the goods directly from the boutique Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney - bypassing customs duties, which allows you to buy them at an attractive price.

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