Means for progressive hair straightening: nanoplastika W.One Premium

Women with desire is simple: straight hair - curl and curly - to straighten. YouTube just explodes from beauty bloggers tips to make hair for 5 minutes, or even out without a hair dryer and ironing. If the effect of the waves just get enough, the owner naughty, fluffy and curly hair can not say the same thing - the effect of the procedure is usually reserved for a few hours.

In pursuit of women's desires beauty industry is not standing still, and because of this there are new, safe and effective ways of hair care products.

Along with cosmetic brand FLORACTIVE RUSSIA Heroine tell about nanoplastike W.One Premium - an innovative tool that will help achieve the perfect smoothness of the hair, to restore them and forget about packing.

Nanoplastika W.One Premium - an innovative tool for straightening hair by the Brazilian company Floractive, based on the interaction between nanotechnology and the intracellular supply. Composition effect on the damaged hair from the inside, restoring its structure at the molecular level. Result: straight, obedient, strong and healthy hair, not just rendering a beautiful effect.

Means for progressive hair straightening: nanoplastika W.One Premium Means for progressive hair straightening: nanoplastika W.One Premium

This is the most important of its advantages:

    • effective and quick results - the hair becomes healthy and attractive, do not get confused, and the tips are not whipped. In addition, they are now under the protection of various thermal stresses. If you want, you can wash your hair the day of the procedure.
    • its active component: lactic acid, cysteine, argan oil and macadamia, silk and collagen protein. Together, they increase the density of the hair and restore shine and moisture damaged and dry hair, stop hair loss and actively stimulate growth.
    • in the composition nanoplastiki W.One Premium no aggressive or toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde and its derivatives, oxidants and chemical perfumes. The procedure is safe for allergy sufferers: you do not feel pungent smell, a burning sensation in the eyes, nose or throat, in contact with the composition on the skin will not have irritation or burns.
    • Hair nanoplastiku safe to do at any age, during pregnancy and lactation. Maternity recommend to pre-consult your doctor in order to avoid personal reactions to components.

The procedure does not require pre-treatment, the use is suitable for all hair types. After nanoplastiki even lifeless hair becomes soft, smooth, shiny and docile.

  • procedures effect lasts from 4 to 6 months depending on the structure of the hair and on the correct care.

familiar with the brand and the results in

Means for progressive hair straightening: nanoplastika W.One Premium

The purpose Floractive - produce effective and safe cosmetics for hair straightening. The company values ​​its reputation and uses only high quality ingredients for the manufacture of formulations. She can be proud of: the results of the tests demonstrate the safety of the procedure, as evidenced by National Health Surveillance Agency Anvisa and the International Center for Halal Standardization and Certification. Floractive - a strong team of professionals: pharmacists, engineers, chemists, designers. They teamed up to create original products, aimed at restoring and strengthening of the hair shaft, the activation of internal resources and stimulation of growth. In addition nanoplastiki W.One Premium Company catalog you will find a smoothing lotion, a means to hydrate, giving shine and enhance curl restorative shampoos, conditioners and masks, creams-oxidants, tonics for coloring and more. In addition, you can become a master itself, Floractive Russia conduct training seminars in all regions of the country.

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