7 make-up trends inspired by the TV series "Euphoria"

Tough teen drama "Euphoria" clearly became a major TV series of the summer season. She remembered not only for the actual plot and unexpected actor finds, but also stunning visuals. On why worth seeing "Euphoria", we have already told you. Today we want to add to that list one more reason - makeup heroines. In the series, he plays a key role in helping the characters to express emotions and giving us plenty of opportunities for inspiration. Tell us what trends in make-up should borrow from the heroines of "Euphoria".

1. Abstract patterns of the liner

7 make-up trends inspired by the TV series

Eyeliner finally ceased to be just a way to draw arrows or draw ever. Strips of white eyeliner above, below and around the eye has appeared on the catwalks of fashion shows in the 3.1 Phillip Lim and Giambattista Valli.

For one of the main characters of "Euphoria" - a transgender girl Jules, make-up - a way to talk about their individuality and express themselves the way she wants, regardless of the dictates of the mainstream and the usual gender roles. She paints "arrow" in the form of flower petals, circles, stripes or geometric brings the upper part of the eye curved lines.

2. The electric eye

7 make-up trends inspired by the TV series

Stripes and splashes of neon on the lids have used in their shows of Guy Laroche, Carolina Herrera, Natasha Zinko and other designers by asking the most prominent fashion trend this summer.

Jules invents a new make-up for each its own image. She is actively experimenting with colors, combining different shades of neon and creating other crazy combinations. As the main vizazhistka series Doniella Davy in his instagrame: I wanted to Jules appearance challenged the norms of beauty and make-up, and I wanted to avoid having to make it look too polished, perfect or feminine. I felt that the lack of mascara on her eyelashes will help to achieve this image.

3. SuperWide arrow

7 make-up trends inspired by the TV series

Draw usual "cat's eye", and then make it two to three times thicker. Philipp Plein, Zimmermann, Missoni, and Erdem showed supergraficheskie arrows on their shows. In the series, you can see this makeup is not only in black, although the main character Roux prefers it.

4. The palette on the face

7 make-up trends inspired by the TV series

Tibi, Eckhaus Latta and Collina Strada in creating their shows on the faces of the models present a palette of several mixed colors caused by a wide line across the eye area by type of carnival masks. The "Euphoria" is literally such a make-up can not be found, but for each of the heroines of the face - it is a canvas. They use cosmetics as a way to convey an emotion or to protect themselves from a world full of conviction.

5. Red lips

7 make-up trends inspired by the TV series

On how bold red lips can make you feel sexy and confident in the "Euphoria" best describes Kat - full girl that from series to series exploring the boundaries of their own sexuality. In the course of the series, she will take the path of a virgin before the fatal dominantriks (sorry for the spoiler, but now you're probably wondering how this all could happen to her).

The fact that red lipstick - it is always a daring statement, we have once again demonstrated their shows at Louis Vuitton, Paco Rabanne, Helmut Lang, Tadashi Shoji and Versace. The best shades for the coming autumn: satin, matt, brick and cherry.

6. A casually applied glitter

7 make-up trends inspired by the TV series

The characters of "Euphoria" almost bathed in glitter. Sparkling face and clothes of heroes - an important visual part of the project, which is surprising in harmony with the blue-red tones of the series.

Roux often causes glitter casually, as if just dropping them in the face. Special dramatic effect creates glitter under his eyes. His eyes filled with heroine is constantly flickering, do not always make out - on sequins or it tears.

Glitter something similar to tears, especially in low light, and twinkling eyes unmistakably hold the viewer's attention - says Doniella Davy. - Our actors perfectly capture the feelings of views.

Definitely the tears of glitter will become a major trend of the future fall.

7. Applications of rhinestones and beads

7 make-up trends inspired by the TV series

The distinguishing feature makeup Maddie - the main beauty school, which is the complex relationship with the aggressive athlete - various applications of rhinestones on the eyelid. These crystals she adorns herself, like armor, makeup artist explains the project:

Under a complex armor Maddie feels the pain of childhood dreams crushed and psychopathic and abusive boyfriend. I developed her make-up so that it was a fantastic element, because, despite its brutal external image, Maddy - a diehard romantic who wants to surpass "loveless marriage", which is part of her home life.