How to deal with split ends

Split ends worse intruders - refuse to go away, impair the health of hair, do not be tamed or comb utjuzhkom. Over time, if they are not taken care of, they will be deprived of full hair moisture, elasticity and shine, so that you should not ignore this problem. Heroine has collected a few simple ways to prevent split ends.

I am a comb

How to deal with split ends

One of the most common mistakes that make the most of the girls with their hair - combing wide combs immediately after washing. Packing with massage brushes solemnly swear to add shine and volume, but can not cope with the tasks. Moreover, the wrong comb easily increases the brittleness and the amount of cleavage, so that the revision of his views on the usual accessory.

Pay attention to the combs with wide teeth, which are carefully will treat your hair, especially if you start combing from the tips, rising slowly to the roots.

Stop to dry hair with a towel

Hair most vulnerable immediately after washing, and if you try to pound them with a towel - you just stimuliruesh emergence of new split ends. Even if you are in a hurry, do not be tempted to grind - you can just gently press the towel or thin cotton T-shirt to the hair, to squeeze out the excess water.

Abandon dryer

How to deal with split ends

As though it was hard, but you really should give up, to dry wet hair dryer. For those who have a tendency to split ends, no more destructive tool, so try to plan your day so that the hair can do to air dry. If you are still in a hurry and do not want to go out with a wet head, use a hair dryer with cold air and without attachment, for the hair.

to limit the use of irons and ploek

If you have thick and long hair, laying them can take a lot of time, so many girls tend to increase the temperature of the tongs and irons to the maximum. In reality, that's not really speeds up the process, but it does more damage. The higher the temperature on your device for stacking - the faster you lose keratin, which means that the hair becomes more brittle.

I am a diet

How to deal with split ends

For split ends of glue can not, but you can make them a little less obvious - it is necessary to make regular moisturizing mask. Another convenient way - to regulate the nutrients involved in the structure of the hair, with the right diet. Follow so that you eat enough proteinosoderzhaschih products, in particular of green vegetables, and also tries to supplement with omega-3 fatty acids. This will not only strengthen the hair structure, but also help your skin as a whole.

Try procedure

Do not forget that in addition to home care you can seek professional help, for example, do termokeratirovanie. During this procedure, your hair will be filled with keratin, which will help them to become shiny, docile and smooth.

The specialist can also make sure that the tips of your hair has always been aligned and advises special care, which is ideal for your specific case.