How to achieve the perfect shape of the lips with the help of cheiloplasty

Trying to make your lips more sensual - the reception is not new. Even in Ancient Mesopotamia women lipstick was prepared from the crumbs semiprecious stones and minerals, and even more ancient Egypt fearless women stressed lips mixture of tallow, beeswax, iron sulphide and mercury oxide - such kiss was truly lethal. Despite the fact that lipsticks still have not lost relevance, replaced by a temporary means of beauty came to technology.

How to achieve the perfect shape of the lips with the help of cheiloplasty

One of the most popular hobbies in the modern women become chiloplasty. The procedure can make her lips are so expressive that they do not even need to paint.

Together with the Dr. Guryanov Heroine tell what chiloplasty, how it can change your lips and how to prepare for the procedure to avoid complications.

Andrew S. Guryanov - Member of the Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgeons of Russia and the International Society of Plastic Surgeons ISAPS, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon with 35 years of practice. He is the founder of virtual plastic laboratory where develop methods of three-dimensional imaging and three-dimensional planning plastic surgery. If you are familiar with methods of three-dimensional design of flats, imagine that the same thing can be done with your face and body. Adjust the outlines as you wish, to make three-dimensional plans and drawings of future changes - Exact calculation can achieve natural results and reduce the potential risk of complications.

What is chiloplasty

Chiloplasty - the collective name for all kinds of plastic lips. You can use it not only to increase or decrease the size of the lips, but also to change their shape, to remove asymmetry or congenital conditions such as cleft lip or cleft palate. Chiloplasty divided into 2 types: injection and surgery.

Injection - performs various fillers: gel of hyaluronic acid or of fatty tissue. Sensual lips effect persists up to six months. The surgical technique is used in cases when you want to change the shape of the lips forever.

How to achieve the perfect shape of the lips with the help of cheiloplasty

Trends in chiloplasty

If you think that fillers based on hyaluronic acid may be all that much wrong. Since you can increase lip injections and slightly change their shape. To maintain the effect would have to repeat the procedure every six months, but excessive introduction of fillers can lead to stretching of the upper lip and lower sagging. Polls hobby fillers revealed their flaws and has led to the fact that there were women who want to once and for all get the natural shape and size of the lips.

Relatively recently appeared on shortening the operation of the upper lip. Due to the cut shape under the nose of a buffalo horn this operation called bullhorn. It exposes the central incisors and upper lip slightly increases.

V-Y plasty is called in the form of cuts that are being made on the mucous membrane mouth. The advantage of operation in that the traces of operation not visible. As a result, increases red rim lips, it becomes wider. This operation - the salvation for those who have very thin lips with a tendency to turn inward with a smile. Lip augmentation using implants faster and easier - they are placed through two punctures in the corners of the lips. Lip implants are common in the US, are rather reserved in Russian to them. But the V-Y plasty virtually do in the US and Europe, so the local girls often seek the help of Russian doctors.

In addition to the shape of the lips themselves, people are concerned about is often depressed, sour expression of his mouth. Surrounding regard it as dissatisfaction or depression. Such dissonance between the internal state and appearance can be eliminated by raising the corners of the mouth. This operation is called coner lift, in which the removed excess skin in the corners of the mouth and applied a very thin seam.

How to achieve the perfect shape of the lips with the help of cheiloplasty

The main contraindication for cheiloplasty - unrealistic wishes.

All of these operations are outpatient, minor surgery. By the time they take up no more than one hour and is usually done under local anesthesia. Contraindications for these operations are few and rather relative, such as pregnancy, nursing or exacerbation of herpes. The main contraindication for cheiloplasty - unrealistic wishes. Therefore, we must listen carefully to the advice of an experienced physician. Return the previous form it will be difficult, and sometimes impossible. In preparation for the operation typically include specimen collection, the prohibition of drugs that increase the bleeding, and antiviral drugs in the presence of lip herpes.

How is the recovery period after surgery

During the recovery period it is important to moisturize the lips gels Antiseptic and hygienic lipstick, do not open your mouth wide, and keep the facial expressions in tranquility. When the operation on the lips superimposed absorbable sutures, which can be removed after a week. As a rule, a feeling of tightness, minor bruising and swelling go away in 10-14 days. As it is impossible to engage in sports, there are no other restrictions for a week.

How to achieve the perfect shape of the lips with the help of cheiloplasty

Clinic Dr. Guryanov - a place to avoid unpredictable results after surgery. Thanks to modern scanners, operating in the range of light, three-dimensional image of the body is built for a few minutes, making it the highest accuracy to plan any operation.

In addition cheiloplasty here professionally make all kinds of plastic surgery, including facelift, correction of cheekbones, forehead, chin or the labia majora, changing the shape of the ears and nose, breast augmentation.

For those who are struggling with skin defects, clinic doctors can offer ultrasonic cleaning, biorevitalisation, mesotherapy, peels, mezoniti, Plazmolifting, laser and phototherapy - removal of scars, pigmentation, spider veins and moles.

It is also possible to get a discount of up to 10% on any next operation. To do this, you need to create an account in Instagram patient diary with a detailed description of the process of training and rehabilitation with the publication of the result.

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