What you need to know about the ferulic acid

Having started its history as a component to strengthen the muscles in the diet of athletes, ferulic acid has become one of the most popular ingredient in modern cosmetology. Heroine gathered everything you need to know about this natural antioxidant.

What is ferulic acid

What you need to know about the ferulic acid

Ferulic acid, it is also hydroxycinnamic acid - a powerful plant antioxidant. It protects the skin against free radicals - particles which damage the cell wall, due to which it starts to lose moisture and vital elements. With sources of free radicals we encounter every day: the sun's rays, stress, smoking, poor diet, polluted air.

Ferulic acid is contained in the seeds of oranges, apples, brown rice, peanuts, pineapples and rice bran.

Manufacturers of cosmetics actively added to the antioxidant in their anti-aging products.

The ferulic acid is useful for the skin

This antioxidant does not restore the already existing damage, but acts as a shield against free radicals. Ferulic acid is actively prevents aging, these are just some of its useful properties:

  • reduces the formation of fine wrinkles;
  • does not allow the skin to sag, as it protects against free radicals, because of which the skin loses collagen;
  • fights inflammation - antioxidants are widely known for their anti-inflammatory properties;
  • reduces the formation of age spots and reduces the probability of occurrence of melasma - pigmentation disorders, in which the face, neck and other body parts appear dark spots with clear boundaries;
  • evens skin tone and protects against redness;
  • reduces dark spots from acne. If used regularly antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties it will minimize damages that arise due to acne;
  • enhances the effect of vitamins C and E. In combination with other antioxidants ferulic acid works more efficiently;
  • restores the skin after sunburn and protects against photoaging.

To fit

What you need to know about the ferulic acid

Ferulic acid is useful not only to those who are struggling with age-related skin changes - although its anti-aging effect, perhaps the best known.

It protects from ultraviolet radiation, which is not useful at any age excess. This antioxidant is suitable for those whose skin pigmentation is prone to suffer from acne and inflammation, girls with hypersensitive, prone to redness skin. As a general rule, to cosmetics with ferulic acid positively reacts as prone to fat content and, on the contrary, too dry. Also, this substance - a good prevention of skin cancer and rosacea - capillary damage.

What can hurt ferulic acid

In ferulic acid confirmed no side effects. However, according to MD, a dermatologist from New York Melissa Levine, sometimes serum with antioxidants may be too aggressive for a specific skin type. As any plant product, ferulic acid can cause irritation. However, due to the fact that, as a rule, in cosmetics it is combined with other ingredients, it is difficult to determine what has caused such a reaction.

In any case, if you have a sensitive, prone to irritation or skin diseases, try to start to put a little money on the skin behind the ear. Wait a day to see if the product will cause a negative reaction.

How to use ferulic acid

Initially ferulic acid created in the laboratory as a nutritional supplement for athletes, which helped to make stronger muscles. Later this stuff started to use in their products, a major cosmetics brand. Now this antioxidant is used in almost all areas of cosmetology.

Ferulic acid can be found in a variety of media: serum, moisturizers, anti-aging, whitening creams, sprays, make-up remover. As a general rule, as part of its makeup is designated as Ferulic Acid, Natural Ferulic acid or Trans-Ferulic acid.

What you need to know about the ferulic acid

Look for funds that, in addition to ferulic acid, there are vitamins C and E - such cosmetics will work more efficiently. But with exfoliating acids - salicylic, glycolic, lactic - ferulic acid is better not to apply. The fact that they affect the pH of the skin and reduce the effectiveness of this antioxidant.

Like all antioxidants, ferulic acid is a non-aggressive means, so an instant effect can not be expected from it. Funds from this component can be used on a daily basis. To see the first improvements that can take about a month.

In conventional cosmetics ferulic acid is typically present in a concentration of 0, 5-1, 2%. For professional use ferulic peeling already 10-12% retracement tool. This procedure is popular because it, unlike most acid peels, even in summer, can be carried out without harming the skin.