5 myths about laser hair removal, in which it is not necessary to believe

Laser hair removal - is not a new procedure. The first laser appeared in the 60s thanks to the physics and surgeons Theodore Meiman Leon Goldman. We are talking about a ruby ​​laser, which today is not used because of the low efficiency and the risk of burns. Despite the fact that modern laser equipment removes hair safely and painlessly, most girls are afraid to come out of temporary comfort zone and try out all the advantages of the procedure. Heroine decided to debunk the most common myths about laser hair removal, which should stay in the past century.

Myth number 1. Laser hair removal is painful

5 myths about laser hair removal, in which it is not necessary to believe

The modern laser uses a patented system of dynamic cooling using a cryogen, whereby the effect of the laser is almost not felt, but the skin is not exposed to heat. This allows you to make the procedure as comfortable and effective. Another issue - the possible risks associated with the individual reactions. So, redness after the procedure can be removed using a cold compress and puffiness - aspirin.

Myth number 2., you'll need 1-2 treatments to completely remove the hair

It is impossible to say exactly how much time you will need to completely get rid of hair. Number of visits to the beautician will depend on many factors: the type of hair and skin, genetic conditions hair growth and hormonal levels. 1-2 treatments can get rid of only a small part of the hair because the laser works only with mature follicles. A full course of laser hair removal you need from 6 to 12 treatments.

Myth number 3. Laser hair removal can cause cancer

5 myths about laser hair removal, in which it is not necessary to believe

No study has shown that the laser radiation causes cancer. Moreover, according to the Foundation for the fight against cancer Disease, modern lasers can prevent some forms of tumors. Infrared laser beams are not related to dangerous X-rays and gamma-rays, so the devastating impact only on the hair follicles without affecting the lymph nodes, skin and other organs. However, it is important to understand that this applies only to high-quality medical equipment with a registration certificate.

Myth number 4. Laser hair removal can not be done in the summer

Laser hair removal is allowed to do in any season, but there are some things that it is worth considering not to reduce the effectiveness of procedures and avoid the appearance of pigmentation. You can not stay long in the open sun and go to the solarium for the 2 weeks prior to the procedure, as well as after. In addition, during the entire course must be applied in place of hair removal sunscreen with SPF-factor of 35+.

Myth number 5. Laser hair removal is not for everyone

The efficacy and safety of the course depends on two things: the qualifications of the doctor and the laser that makes the procedure. So, alexandrite laser can cause burns and pigmentation on dark and tanned skin, neodymium works only with the blood vessels that feed the hair and skin and ruby ​​only removes black hair on light skin. The most modern and effective is a diode laser: it is suitable for any type of hair and skin, removes hair quickly and more effectively than other types of lasers, does not cause pain, redness and burns. Therefore, before you sign up for the procedure, find a professional doctor and find out what he is working on a laser. Center of instrumental cosmetology EPILAS - it is not only the latest laser equipment from Germany, but also highly skilled with attentive and personal approach to each client. You will tell how it will be carried out laser hair removal is that you will feel during the laser approximately how many procedures will need specifically in your case and how to care for the skin during the course.

For procedures here use the latest dual-wavelength laser of the latest generation MeDioStar NeXT PRO production company Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH - Europe's largest producer of medical technology with 40 years of experience in the field of cosmetology.

Its impact effectively and safely as eliminates thinning and skin overheating and pain during the procedure, regardless of their frequency, duration. In this case, the expert can adjust the frequency, power and pulse length, which allows you to adjust the parameters of the laser individually for each person for maximum effect.

MeDioStar NeXT PRO is effective not only for hair removal, but also for lifting procedure, to get rid of acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring of the skin in the treatment of dermatitis and rosacea.

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