What you need to know about preventive Botox

Botox - one of those things of which you are unlikely to think if you are under 35. It is believed that injections are usually used the elderly to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, but in recent years the procedure has become popular among young girls. Heroine tells why Preventive Botox should know, even if you're still only 20 years old, how is the procedure and what are its advantages.

Why use a pre-emptive Botox?

What you need to know about preventive Botox

Preventive Botox is used to retrain facial muscles and improving "postural" person causing the appearance of wrinkles. It has an impact on certain muscles, stretching the skin using a neuromodulator. The skin and muscles recover more quickly from the folds that are caused by active movements like laughter and anger.

Experts usually recommend to treat wrinkles in two stages: first to use retinol to stimulate collagen production, firming skin, and then apply a neuromodulator as Botox.

Who needs proactive Botox?

Whatever claimed marketers, the word "Botox" and "need" just should not be in the same sentence. This procedure will not insist any professional surgeons or dermatologists because you have every right to leave your skin a natural and genuine, ignoring the brutal standards of the beauty industry.

However, the benefits of preventive Botox is really noticeable: he can completely save you from developing wrinkles in the future or significantly slow down their development. The best time to fight wrinkles - when they first appear. Some dermatologists offer Botox to treat as just one part of your beauty routine - along with sunscreen and moisturizer.

As the procedure is carried out?

What you need to know about preventive Botox

The procedure is quite simple: first you expect consultation with a specialist, dermatologist well educated. You will learn about the possible side effects, how to behave after the injection, as well as how to care for your skin is worth.

You will be offered to lie down on the couch and relax. Most likely, you will be asked to make a certain facial expression, such as raise an eyebrow or a frown. This will help the expert to see the facial muscles and wrinkles that you are concerned.

Injection itself can be a bit painful, and certainly there will be more.

In the first half hour of places that will be introduced Botox may swell slightly. For the next 4-6 hours you should remain upright and absolutely can not be strained.

What does the result depend on?

Botox and its effectiveness depend entirely on the expert knowledge of anatomy, technique and the ability to see the person as a work of art. for Botox specialist also must be careful to ensure that your facial expression remains natural and, therefore, it can not offer more injections than necessary, because sometimes it is enough to relax, only two muscles to completely rid you of facial wrinkles.

Have to do a permanent procedure?

The most common myth about Botox - is it worth to inject at least once, and you will not be able to stop, because otherwise your wrinkles will be amplified. Experts deny this, pointing out that even for a short relaxed muscles reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. The effect of Botox usually persists for three to four months. According to dermatologists, most people come to the procedure 1-2 times a year.

What you need to know about preventive Botox

Where injections are usually placed?

Botox is most often put into the space between the eyebrows and lines around the eyes. Also, some people use Botox to get rid of smile lines around the lips and chin.

What are the side effects?

Botox is safe for most people, especially if you are carefully treated to a choice of specialist. Basically, there are side effects:

  • headache
  • inflammation of the sinuses
  • dry eyes
  • swelling or bruising at the injection site

How much noticeable difference?

If the injection is done right, it is unlikely that it will immediately notice some of the others, so do not worry that your face becomes plastic and unnatural. The changes will become apparent only to you - because you probably know exactly every detail in their appearance.

All that makes Botox preventive at low doses - it suppresses the amount of motion in the muscles of the face, which will eventually create wrinkles. He does not give the effect of a face-lift or peel for your skin.