5 features of plastic surgery in South Korea

Seoul is considered to be the world capital of plastic surgery - it is here that annually a record number of plastic surgeries. Only in the famous district of Gangnam, Seoul known as the beauty zone is more than 400 plastic surgery clinics, which are massively attracted not only the Koreans, but medical tourists from around the world.

Together with specialists from Seoul plastic surgery clinics REGEN Heroine tell what particular plastic surgery in Korea, which operations are considered to be top-end, and why of the appearance adjustment is necessary to go here.

Reasonable prices

5 features of plastic surgery in South Korea

Each year, South Korea is visited by thousands of foreigners, but not to relax on the beaches of Asia, and to tighten the eyelids, nose to fix or make clearer facial contours. First of all travel from China, America, Russia, Japan and Indonesia. The main reason for such an active flow of medical tourists - affordable prices. Plastic in Korea is much cheaper than in Europe or America. Thus, prices for rhinoplasty in Seoul clinics typically start at $ 1000, American strip rises to $ 9,000, in Germany as such an operation will cost at least $ 6000.

The modernity clinics

Another advantage of the South Korean clinics - the use of minimally invasive techniques, carried out with the help of laser and endoscopic equipment. They are considered the most gentle, providing a minimum of damage, and can significantly accelerate the rehabilitation period. This is not surprising, because in a country where appearance plays a huge role and plastic has become part of everyday life, people want to quickly get a beautiful face, and the next day - to go to work.

A high level of service

5 features of plastic surgery in South Korea

The competition in the field of plastic surgery is fierce: in almost every major area of ​​Seoul has entire neighborhoods cast for the construction of hospitals. Each of them is trying to win over customers maximum, so relies not only on the quality of operations, but also on the high level of service. So, for foreigners, most clinics offer shuttle service, personal assistant and interpreter, and after surgery - accommodation in a clean and comfortable room, the patient quickly came to the form.

Experienced doctors

Korean plastic surgeons - one of the best. Putting plastic on the conveyor, they worked every movement of the hand to perfection. Every day, they spend hundreds of operations, during which not only correct specific parts of the face and create new looks. One has only to look at their work in a series of "before and after" - ignorant confidently say that the photo 2 completely different person. However, such a metamorphosis - a familiar routine for Korean doctors.

Recent trends in plastic surgery

5 features of plastic surgery in South Korea

In addition blefaro- and rhinoplasty in South Korea is very popular Contour Face V-line. It can be used to get rid of a wide angular and chin, giving feminine face oval or triangular shape. The essence of the operation is simple: cut off the corners of the lower jaw or chin narrows. A few hours under general anesthesia, and you have an elegant, harmonious face. Rehabilitation lasts for a week, but if you want the next day can be discharged from the hospital.

Learn more about the operation

5 features of plastic surgery in South Korea 5 features of plastic surgery in South Korea

Also at the peak of their popularity decrease in the zygomatic bone. Operation in demand among the girls with typical Asian cheekbones that make a person visually wider. Operation lasts not more than one hour: during this time, the doctor makes an incision in the oral cavity 2 centimeters in size, using a special saw notched rear part of the zygomatic arch and slid inside bone. Result fixed by sutures or surgical staples that are removed a week. Learn more about the operation of

Plastic Surgery Clinic REGEN is considered one of the best in South Korea. Here spend absolutely all kinds of plastic surgery: rhinoplasty, and by increasing the eye to the chin correction, changes in breast shape and contouring of the buttocks.

In addition to plastics in clinic beauty-list includes rejuvenating treatments, including stranded lifting and stem cell therapy.

It employs only experienced plastic surgeons who have completed Suelsky University and ongoing training at international seminars and conferences.

Advantages clinic REGEN - an individual approach to each patient, hi-tech equipment, relevant international standards, and safe sterilization system excluding ingress of infection after surgery. An important plus for any operation, and the rate on the naturalness, so you can not be afraid that get out of the hospital one of the heroes of the Korean anime.

Initial consultation at the clinic is free of charge - you can discuss with your doctor your wishes, the course of operation and pre-see the final result.

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