Look languishing: how to apply eyeshadow

Use shadows for much simpler than eyeliner, but there is still a lot of reasons for the errors. Heroine was basic tips to help you successfully apply the shadow. Tell us how to make them more vivid and persistent, properly combine colors and shade, and what tools to use for this purpose.

When in a hurry, use your fingers to

Look languishing: how to apply eyeshadow

If you do not have time to stay in front of the mirror and slowly apply makeup, use your fingers instead of brushes. This method is particularly suitable for cream shadows, but is suitable for all, except that the powdery.

Finger easily spread evenly over the surface of the shadow of the century, and not to overdo it with the pigment. Do not rub the skin cosmetics, and hammered gently with fingertips.

Before you apply makeup, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands.

Makeup Brushes should be somewhat

Look languishing: how to apply eyeshadow

The rarely used makeup one shade of shadow, so it should be a few brushes. Each time to wash and dry brush uncomfortable, besides various tools allow to experiment with techniques. There are many kinds of brushes for makeup for everyday use only two: a flat base with a rounded end and a bit of fluff. The first opportunity to apply and distribute the shadows. Before you buy make sure it is soft and does not scratch the skin. Fluffy rounded brush is useful for shading. It should be a softer base. This brush can mix colors and create a beautiful "haze" on the eyelids.

first prepare eyelids

Apply shade is best to base: so they will hold on longer, not roll up and will look richer. In addition, the base color will align century, prime the folds and wrinkles.

As a base, you can use a special tool - you can find it at many well-known cosmetic brands. If such a framework you do not, fit loose powder or a shimmering cream with sanskrinom: Apply on the eyelid, and only then proceed to the make-up.

Combine light and dark shades of

If you are unsure of your ability to properly combine different colors, choose a win-win situation - a dark and light shade of the same palette. This is a basic rule of makeup century.

First apply the lightest shade on the entire eyelid. Then corrects the shape of dark shadows: underline one-third of the lower eyelid to the outer side, distributing the same color on the movable century to the orbital line. Next will be well shaded border dark shadows using the light shade.

Placed emphasis flickering shadows

The inner side of the century should shine - it does look more visually fresh and open. Put a small patch of light on the inner corner of the eye, using the flickering shadows.

Want to add more luster concentrates it on the middle and inside of the eyelid. For additional flicker fit crisp shadows, in contrast to the cream, they will not spoil the makeup that has already been done.

Look languishing: how to apply eyeshadow

right shade shadows

Feather - the most important stage makeup. It affects how harmoniously blend shadow and how natural it looks. Ideally, the transition from a light shade to a dark should not be noticeable - except when you want to achieve a deliberate contrast.

Shade to shade from the outer edge to the inner, before reaching the middle of the century. Movement should be light, barely noticeable, do not try harder to press the brush to grind as much as possible the shade. It is better to be patient and carefully shade in a matter of minutes from this and the effect will be more expressive and delicate skin eyelids hurt.