New lipstick with real flowers inside

New lipstick with real flowers inside

Nova line of cosmetics from KylieLipkit by Kylie Jenner introduced a lipstick, lip gloss, filled with real flowers. This novelty looks incredibly over-year, and it seems too beautiful to use it.

Lipstick-gloss gel made of jelly and available for sale on Kailijumei - Chinese online cosmetics store for $ 30.

Creator lipstick Kylie Jenner sees its novelty as a work of art, because the striking design and colors in a jelly-like bases looks very aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

The main feature of this lipstick is its ability to change color depending on the weather. Base pink obviously becomes lighter at high temperature and darken at low, but due to natural oils, forming part of, the lips get enough moisture during the day, after the balsam.

For those who prefer a gentle pink glitter and fragrant oily texture on the lips, KylieLipkit novelty ideally suited to hot summer.