What you need to know about applying lipstick

What you need to know about applying lipstick

Applying lipstick seems to be something incredibly obvious that every woman knows and can do intuitively. But, nevertheless, awkward situations occur, for example, in the case of bright lipstick during a meal. Something that seems very simple, in fact, requires some basic knowledge that many women would like to know before starting to use makeup. We are also concerned about this issue, so we decided to figure out how all the same should approach the issue of the application of lipstick.


Before you apply the darker shade of lipstick, it is necessary to moisten the lips well as any deep color tends to remain in the folds of the skin, especially if it is dry. Immediately it is not particularly noticeable, but it is necessary to rub lipstick, you see a bad result. It helps to cope with this problem an ordinary lip balm. Apply it on the lips, even if you use a liquid lipstick, blot gently wipe the edge and then applied onto the base color.

In addition to moisturizers, make-up artists are advised to use some scrub. He will save your skin from calloused cells and add a natural matt lips, which will go to color much softer.

The choice of lipstick

What you need to know about applying lipstick

When choosing a lipstick, Decide what you would like to see the texture on my lips: a glossy, natural or matt.

Glossy lipstick reflects the light, respectively, attracting more attention to the lips, as well as making them more complete. Matte texture, in contrast, absorbs light and is well suited for naturally full lips, visually reducing their size. Matte lipstick on her lips kept longer than gloss, but prone to dryness, so the lips must also be pre-moistened. To add volume to the matte color and make lips more attractive, you can apply a little balm on the common center. Natural texture - this is the golden mean. Moderately shiny, moderately matte, in other words, which imitates the natural features of the skin.

In addition to these basic textures still exist such as: metallic, shimmering, silky, semi-matte, cream, and many more options. Choosing one of them, take into account the peculiarities of your lips and skin color.

The intensity and color of

What you need to know about applying lipstick

Choosing an invoice to determine the order, how intense must be the color. More natural application where your natural color is clearly observed, or very intense, fully conveys the shade that you choose. You can then move on to direct the choice of color.

If your skin tone is closer to the warm, the color of lipstick should also be from the warm palette: brick, golden beige, orange-pink or bright red.

For cooler skin tones, well suited bluish nuances, grayish, dark red, or all shades of blue and purple.

any color suitable for neutral color. But, of course, the rules established in order to break them, and sometimes a cold color to a warm skin can be a hit. Sometimes lipstick someone fits perfectly, and for someone can be completely unfamiliar. Therefore, the best option - is to try a lipstick, and if you really like it, please purchase!

The method of application of

When the question of the color resolved, it remains to decide how best to apply it on the lips with a brush or directly from the vial. Solving this problem, mind the following factors.

To brush:

What you need to know about applying lipstick

Brush should be pointed, and the application itself will be much more accurate and precise, so there is no need for a pencil. In addition, less risk of leaving lipstick on the teeth.

With gradient effect can be achieved using a brush. And indeed, many are much easier to apply lipstick with a brush it. If you are inclined to this way, do not forget that the best place to start applying to the center, gradually moving to the edges. So you stand out line of the lips, and any inaccuracies is always possible to correct with the help of the corrector.

For the bottle:

What you need to know about applying lipstick

Lipstick in the bottle is much easier to transport, and application becomes more mobile. Using this method, it is much easier to achieve color saturation. But likely the risk of errors, especially if the shape of the lipstick is not pointed.

Some makeup artists practicing a distinctive method of application - with your finger, arguing that so you can evenly distribute the color of the lips and avoid getting lipstick on your teeth. Also, the pad of your finger, you can modify some naturally imperfect place, such as creases or distortions.