6 trendy make-up, which is worth a try

With the advent of the cult of naturalness in modern fashion, make-up culture also suffered some changes. Despite the fact that most of the classic techniques of makeup remained incorrupt, you can wear them in a completely new way. This season, makeup faces the natural and radiant shades, bold and unusual shapes to emphasize the natural sexuality. When looking for inspiration this summer, it is possible to pay attention to several trendy makeup, and how they can be implemented.

1. Only red lips

6 trendy make-up, which is worth a try

Trend: red as unchanging classics still relevant this summer, but it can bring a whole new way. To stay in the trend, it is necessary to abandon such a make-up elements, such as mascara, foundation, eye shadow. In other words, anything but dull red lips. This make-up is perfect for owners of plump lips, hide the excess volume, but emphasize the natural sexuality.

How to make: to make a make-up, do not need anything but a pencil for the lips, such as Maybelline New York ColorBlur. Its dense texture will suit perfectly for any particular skin, and the color intensity can be chosen to your taste. Prior to the application must be cleaned skin of the lips using a sugar-based scrub. Perfect mint scrub from Lush. After cleansing, moisten lip balm, and then apply color and shade lightly with a brush.

What is needed: Lip Pencil Maybelline New York ColorBlur, 498 p, Sugar Scrub Lip Lush Mint Julep, 480 p..

2. The blue cobalt

6 trendy make-up, which is worth a try

Trend: Nuclear blue this season favorite of many makeup artists. Use this color in the makeup can be in different ways, such as creating an incredibly attractive smokey eyes. Cobalt-blue eyeliner on M.A.C. It will help in the implementation of juicy make-up, which is suitable for any color of eyes and visually accentuate their brightness. How to make: must be cut around the upper and lower eyelids on the outside line of the middle gully, after shade.

Makeup is also a good idea to supplement ink bright blue, but it is quite possible to do the classic black.

What is needed: eyeliner M.A.C., 1020, p.

3. White Wings

6 trendy make-up, which is worth a try

Trend: white color, as a selection for eye makeup - even she find 2016 Incredibly stylish alternative to dark smoky eyes and a great way to emphasize the natural beauty. Use white makeup can be in different ways: white smoky, seductive arrow or up to date this summer design - wings. The main thing to know the measure, or an elegant makeup will become a discouraging.

How to make: using a medium-sized brush, apply a little shadow on the outer corners of eyes. As a complement perfect for the eyelids white pencil and a bit of moisturizer. If you curl the lashes and eliminate the use of ink, you can get a very stylish and original make-up, perfectly releasing the eyes and softening skin imperfections.

What is needed: white shadow pencil Sephora Colorful Shadow 896 p.

4. The sunset effect

6 trendy make-up, which is worth a try

Trend: shades that mimic the natural phenomenon, perhaps, will always be in fashion, especially today when the natural wave and inspiring as make-up artists, and all the rest. If we combine pale pink, orange and red, you can get the color of the sunset: the natural color of the summer. For lips, you can use the same color scheme. Warm and mellow sunset shade suitable for any eye color, as well as for the skin, then the darker the richer and denser, you can apply the shadow and lipstick. How to make: is necessary to mix some warm colors are best to use shadows on the cream base, such as a cream-gel from Maybelline. Orange, peach, red, pink. Apply the shadow of the best on the entire eyelid, shading evenly. Lip is necessary just to mix several shades and apply on lips moistened beforehand with a brush or your fingers, gently spreading the color, avoiding abrupt transitions, color should appear solid.

What is needed:. Lipstick Maybelline New York 260 p, a cream-gel shadows Maybelline New York 338 p.

5. Smoky Silver

6 trendy make-up, which is worth a try

Trend: obsession with metallic shades is quite justified, because attracting the cold gray and silver - it's very sexy. Make-up in style metallic visually lengthen the eye, give the look slanted and fatality, and silver shine do the trick.

How to make: to embody such make-up is necessary to bring the inner eyelid black pencil, it is best to use a cream or a gel pencil Sephora. Thus, you can well highlight the natural shape of the eye. Then it is best to use a shade of natural shades, a tone darker skin, to prepare the ground. Now you can apply silver. Perfectly suited shadows powder with glitter. They need to be applied on the eyelids in the inner corner of the eye and along the line of the lower eyelid, adding brush longer sparkles, where necessary. To add a spectacular, you can take the upper eyelid with black pencil.

What is needed:. shade powder Eyedust 1118 p eyeliner Sephora 262 p.

6. The glittering wings

6 trendy make-up, which is worth a try

Trend: very flashy makeup with glitter - a real hit of the summer parties. Not everyone dares to come out with a bright shimmering makeup, but nevertheless, it is extremely style in this season, combined with classic elements of makeup.

How to make: not to look completely insane, you must first create a foundation with the help of black eyeliner or eyeliner. Before you apply the sequins, it is necessary to hold a thick line on the upper eyelid. If you add mascara on upper and lower lashes, you can visually enlarge the volume. After, you can choose any color and glitter to fix it in the outer corners of the eyelids on the glue for eyelashes or a waterproof gel. Most likely, it will have to apply several layers and fix well. When the basic procedure is completed, you need to apply a little glitter on the tips of the lashes.

What is needed: Aqua Glitter, 600 p. eyeliner Lancome Eye, 899 p.