Line matte lipstick by Dior "Dior Extreme Matte" - what you need to try in the autumn of 2016

Line matte lipstick by Dior

Established back in 1953, the iconic red lipstick from Dior has changed over time, and today welcomes a new line of matte lipstick "Dior Extreme Matte". The innovative formula, forming the basis for its creation, cares for the skin of the lips, protects against drying out and for a long time kept on the lips. Mango butter and Aroleat Samphira deeply moisturize and nourish the lips, making them bulky and natural.

Some colors are represented on a par with the classic red and pink bardovym, very popular in 2012th. Dark blue, metallic gray, bright purple - the latest hits in the make-up area, which will make special as a daily and evening makeup.

Line matte lipstick by Dior Line matte lipstick by Dior

Together with the "Dior Extreme Matte" in the autumn make-up line from Dior will be 24 brand new classic shade of lipstick "Rouge Dior Couture". From the solid neutral color to the lush shades of red, tender and glossy pink, and even sweet-fuchsia, Dior this fall will satisfy every taste and to realize the most daring fantasies.