4 Hollywood makeup for evening events

Old Hollywood glamor and attracts with its aristocratic gloss, which you want to add to your daily life to get closer to the seductive cinema icons of the XX century. We decided to pick up a few iconic Hollywood images that can be implemented in an evening or a romantic makeup to feel like one of the heroines of the silver screen.

1. Shining Dorothy Dandridge

4 Hollywood makeup for evening events

Hollywood 40s and 50s can recall by gentle and sparkling tones emphasizing naturalness and glamor as in the image Dorothy Dandridge. The combination of black with warm shades of gold, brown and sand do you think Hollywood and incredibly trendy.

How to make: To highlight the eyes before applying makeup, cover the eyelid and the area under the eyebrow creams in the shade lighter than your skin, or use the powder on a cream base. Combine dark eyeliner or black pencil Eye shadow with glitter effect or warm metallic shades.

Apply a shadow on the lid, move the upper eyelid with black pencil, smudge the line. possible to finish a neat arrow if desired. Apply mascara on upper and lower lashes. As the shade of lip choose juicy, but not bright colors, such as peach, pale pink or carrot. As can be chosen rouge or peach brown shades.

What is needed:

Lipstick M.A.C, 1450 p.

Eyeshadow M.A.C, 1860 p.

Blush Max Factor, 687 p.

2. Glamor 20s

4 Hollywood makeup for evening events

The image of characters, "The Great Gatsby" - one of the most legendary in Hollywood. Dark smoky, bright eyeliner, pale skin and irresistible cherry lips - this is the glamorous decadence of the 20s. In conjunction with stylized hair may likewise make a lasting impression at the evening event. How to make: In order to give an aristocratic pallor of the skin, use a light powder or tonal basis. You can also experiment with whitewash. The main highlight of this make-up will be bright and thin eyebrows. If you do not want to change the shape of your eyebrows, just make sure that that she was underlined with a pencil for eyebrows. Just swipe a bright straight line.

Smokey should not be too bright, if you do not want to be a Gothic image. To apply this dark gray, brown or black shade on the eyelid and blend them. To emphasize the eyes, move the lower eyelid and blend the line again. For the lips, choose a bright cherry, wine or plum lipstick, matte or glitter effect.

What is needed:

Eyeshadow Clarins, 1700 p.

Lipstick Gosh, 500 p.

3. Classic carpet

4 Hollywood makeup for evening events

The most popular Hollywood image - a bright black arrow and seductive red lips. Similarly, perhaps, will never go out of fashion, remaining faithful companion of the evening event, a romantic date or a business meeting.

How to make: Before making arrows, apply on the eyelids shade of ash-gray or smoke gray and gently blend to the foundation was not solid. Move the upper eyelid, selecting arrow any thickness, length and intensity. This may be the cat's eyes, or the neat arrows in the corner of the eye, or eyeliner in the style of Marilyn Monroe. Add a little pale skin, highlighting the cheekbones and cheeks pale pink blush. For the lips, of course, choose a bright red matte or glossy lipstick. To add luster to the classical image, try a lipstick with neon effect. What is needed:

Eyeshadow Gosh, 675 p.

Lipstick Smashbox, 1450 p.

Liner Givenchy, 2435 p.

4. Sexual Revolution

4 Hollywood makeup for evening events

Hollywood 60 boasts bright colors and unconventional trends. To realize such an image, you just spend more time eye makeup, add visual effects, like the legendary image of Twiggy, and add a little sparkle.

How to make: Use bright colors like blue, purple or pink of varying intensity. Cover the lid first lighter tint, add shade on the outer corner of the eye, make the center more intense, and then shade shades to create colorful arrows. If you move an eyelid pencil or shadow metallic colors, you can visually enlarge the eyes. Also, you can use an old trick, drawing a dark line through the entire eyelid. Lips should also choose a bright shade of pink or a pale, but shining.

What is needed:

Eyeshadow BeYu? 479 p.

Eyeliner Urban Decay, 1240 p.

Lipstick M.A.C, 1750 p.