My purify, moisturize: how to help the hair through the winter

Hair problems that come along with the cold season can be a real disappointment. Lifeless, dry or too oily, electrifying, brittle hair and lush kill every possible desire to care about their appearance, and it appears that the products, which would help to solve the problem of winter hair, are too expensive. But hard times for the hair can be associated not only with the lack of cosmetic effects, but with the wrong beauty-routine in principle. We decided to figure out how to help hair remain through the winter and delicious.

1. Shampoo

My purify, moisturize: how to help the hair through the winter

The regularity with which you need to wash your hair depends on the skin and hair type. For example, people with a dry scalp can wash your hair less often than those with oily skin is more. However, natural skin oils are needed to moisten the skin - this is especially true in the winter. Therefore it is best to abstain from daily shampooing, not to face the problem of excessive dryness of the skin, and, respectively, and hair.

If you have sparse hair, but oily skin, then, of course, daily shampoo for you - the smartest way to keep your hair in a presentable condition. In this case, you need to give your skin a rest, not mine it at least once or twice a week. If you want to maintain the health of hair in winter, use a dry shampoo, so it is much better than fighting with a natural fat content that allows the skin to stay hydrated, and hair stay longer clean.

2. Dry hair

Along with the excessive fat content, there is also the problem of dry hair, most often seen in winter. To avoid dry hair, use natural oils, which not only moisturize the skin but also give hair a healthy shine. Argan oil, sunflower, leaves, rosemary - the perfect combination for hydration and nutrition of hair in the cold. A distinctive feature of these oils is the ability to penetrate into the hair structure rather than just settle on the roots, making your hair moisturized, but greasy. Oil also prevents excessive hair breakage, with what may be encountered not only in summer but also in winter, so it is unlikely that you will be less likely to use a hair dryer and other hair styling tools. Dry hair can also be the result of poor nutrition and lack of vitamins, which are difficult to obtain in a natural way in the winter. You should consult your doctor about your body needs vitamins and start taking them.

3. electrifies hair

Electrifies the hair - the problem is very thin. It is best solved by means of silicone. If you've used a comb made of plastic, it is time to replace them. Another means is texturizing spray which neutralises static effect, but unfortunately, the spray does not eradicate the problem. There are some tricky ways to deal with excessive static.

a) Dry the hair cotton towel, and before putting on something, rub the clothes of cotton cloth.

b) Apply a protective spray to the inner surface of the hood or headgear.

The problem of electrification of hair may occur due to repeated shampooing, as essential fats, struggling with static, washed with water. Therefore, for those who suffer from permanent hair electrified, the best solution is to wash your hair less often.

4. Humidification and purification of

Moisturize - is the most important for your hair in the cold season. But in addition to shampoos and conditioners with moisturizing properties, scalp and hair cleansing is necessary, so do not neglect the need to buy a scrub. In order not to irritate the skin, choose a scrub with small particles or make it yourself from the ground coffee. Despite the fact that during the cold season most want to take a hot shower, very hot water can cause dryness of the scalp and hair. Therefore, it is best to wash your hair in lukewarm water, not to overheat your hair, but do not catch a cold. If you are going to take a hot shower or bath, then make sure that your hair was oiled or wrapped in a towel or a special hat that protects them from overheating.

5. Styling

My purify, moisturize: how to help the hair through the winter

Despite the fact that the professional products for hair are rarely taken into account the average buyer, they carry their own benefit, not only for styling, but the hair texture, which together with proper hydration and care gives a great result. The next time you think about hairstyle, consider the acquisition of professional cosmetics and means that care not only about the moisture, but also about the hair texture.