Clothing that can not be removed: how and where to apply perfume

It would seem that there is nothing easier than to use perfume in a daily beauty routine. Nevertheless, experts and perfumers find this whole art or science. If you want to create a favorable image of the aroma, it is necessary not only to choose the right scent, but also keep your body features, a little anatomy and, of course, physics. We decided to better understand this delicate matter and find out where best to apply perfume to keep the smell as long as possible.


Clothing that can not be removed: how and where to apply perfume

hair - this is the best place that you can only apply perfume, especially if you want to show off a new purchase. Hair (as part of the body) are very mobile, and thus spread the smell will be much stronger, not only in the movement, or a gust of wind, but in static condition. It is best to apply perfume on your hair, if you are going to spend the night dancing and spending a lot of energy, because the smell is not washed away due to sweating, but rather will be spread over a long distance from you. The only thing to remember - this is a method of applying perfume on your hair, as they may suffer due to excessive dryness provoked by alcohol content. To prevent damage to your hair, apply a perfume on the comb, and then slide it through the hair.

In the ears

As with the wrist, the skin behind the ears - a "heart rate zone." Due to the proximity of vessels to the skin, the smell will be stimulated by the constant blood flow and spread. Apart from the fact that the area behind the ears allows you to get results as quickly as possible, it is also a great alternative to the neck, if you wear jewelry, because alcohol can damage their surface. Well, if Coco Chanel was right, and apply perfume need to go where you want to be kissed, the area behind the ears allows the neck to remain clean (because alcohol taste is not so pleasant), but it creates the illusion that the smell spreads it out neck and décolleté.


Perhaps this place seems too strange to the traditional culture of perfume, but nevertheless, perfumers and experts advise to apply perfume on the back, as it fulfills your desire to keep the smell as long as possible and not to disturb the surrounding excessive concentration.

Just slide your collar and let a drop of perfume down the spine.

If the perfume is very light, then repeat the procedure. This trick will allow you to keep the smell longer and not get tired of it, moreover, so that the perfume will become an integral part of your body.

The inside of the elbows

Another pulse zone - an internal part of the elbow, and it can also be used as an alternative to the wrists. The main thing to remember before you apply perfume - this is what the skin needs to be hydrated. Apply perfume on the inside of the elbow is best in the hot season, as winter long sleeves void effect.

below the knees

Clothing that can not be removed: how and where to apply perfume

our body temperature rises in the course of the day, so it makes sense to apply perfume behind the knees, as long as possible to save it. under the knees area it is also close to the blood vessels and, therefore, ensure the distribution of the smell every time you pass by. In addition, if you put perfume on your upper body, and then under the knees, then you will get more organic painting smell all day.

The navel

Not to apply perfume directly on your stomach, you can apply a little perfume on your finger, and then spend them in the navel. So the smell will spread from the very center of your body, and the skin on the belly will stay clean in case of kissing or snug clothing.


If you prefer a subtle smell, it is best to put perfume on whiskey. Due to the pulse you get a spread of odor, but not as much as if you are dealt a perfume on the back, hair and stomach. And in order to create a light trail that would trailed behind you every time you pass by, apply perfume not only whiskey, but also on the ankles. This will create a balance and allow the smell to flow from the bottom up through your body without irritating smell around them.