How to dress in the style of the stars: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese - American fashion model and singer, the living embodiment of the style of burlesque and romance of old Hollywood. Dita style - it's not just the embodiment of femininity, sophistication and sexiness, but also an excellent example of how a woman can independently create their individuality through clothing, makeup and hair. The outfits Von Teese is felt not only a touching romance, but also a devastating charm inherent femme fatale - fatal beauty and playful girl at the same time. We decided to plunge into the atmosphere of vintage, retro and glamor to collect some of the most popular images from the wardrobe of Dita Von Teese for any occasion.

1. Romantic

How to dress in the style of the stars: Dita Von Teese

There is nothing emphasizes femininity and creates a romantic mood, as the floral print. In life, Dita Von Teese prefers more modest attire, but they only emphasize its brand image. Despite the famous clothing brands in which Dita appears in public, in her wardrobe you can find a lot of vintage items purchased at fairs and antique stores. The easiest way to create a romantic image in the style of Dita - a simple flower dress combined with a rough coat and, of course, high heels. This bow is perfect for walks and visits in the cold season.

AngelEye London Dress, 4040r. Coats Mango, 6999r.

Booties Zara, 3599r. Bag Incity, 1199RUR.

It takes Venera, 2060r.

2. Business

How to dress in the style of the stars: Dita Von Teese

The majority of modern women spends a lot of time at work, which requires a certain dress code. But Von Teese proves that even business clothes can be sexy. Practical dress with elegant belt, emphasizing the waist and hips making visual space - a great choice for business meetings. Feminine shoes and roomy bag complement the image and add practicality to this graceful bow. Do not forget about makeup, because it is the finishing touch for creating a fashion diva. Dita does not like to be modest in the matter, and her beauty-bow is always different bright lips and classic hands. Dress Grey Cat, 7590r. TopShop shoes, 3199r.

Bag Zara, 1999RUR. Lipstick MA C, 1450r.

3. Sexy

How to dress in the style of the stars: Dita Von Teese

There is no doubt, Dita Von Teese - one of the sexiest women not only because of her figure and charming seductiveness, but also due to the fact that despite the frank photo shoot and provocative underwear, Dita is always restrained, not allowing himself to vulgarity and vulgarity. A certain dress length, neckline, emphasizes the dignity, but not over-emphasize them, a combination of sexual elements with simple and inconspicuous. It is a natural and elegant - that's the formula Teese sexuality. Of course, color plays an important role. In the wardrobe Von Teese often can be found black and red colors, as they are sexiest and best emphasize the mystery and passion.

Dress Edge Street, 2599r. Clutch Eternel, 1599r.

Sandals Zara, 5599r. Lip Gloss MA C, 1750r.

Earrings Mango, 599RUR.

4. Casual

How to dress in the style of the stars: Dita Von Teese

Everyday life does not always allow us to wear high heels and tight dresses. There are more valued comfort and practicality. Dita Von Teese can make a memorable, even the most simple way, skillfully combining feminine clothes with a simple and convenient. Midi skirt, emphasizing the figure and attracts seductive slit in combination with a thin turtleneck under a frank, but not obtrusively visible bra - what Dita understands better than others. A few accessories like sunglasses and long gloves - and the image is ready for every day. Bra Dita Von Teese, 5520r.

Turtleneck United Colors of Benetton, 2299r.

Skirt D.VA, 5840r. Coat Uona, 18500r. Shoes Zara, 3999RUR.

Points TopShop, 1610r. Gloves Fabretti, 5999r.

5. Trim

How to dress in the style of the stars: Dita Von Teese

Any of the dresses Dita Von Teese is so dazzling that you can take it and put on a special event. Impeccable style, elegant styles and flawless femininity - something every woman craves publication. Dita loves old-fashioned dress, as the most important source of inspiration for her was always an old Hollywood style icon '50s and, in particular, Betty Grable. Discreet black dress overlying style with feathers at the hem, classic stiletto heels and vintage clutch - a great way to make way for a special occasion.

Dress Anastasya Barsukova, 7500r. Shoes Zara, 6999r.

Lipstick MA C, 1600r. Clutch Piazza Italia, 1999RUR.