Spring wardrobe: what awaits us in the coming season

New York Fashion Week has presented a lot of bright and stylish trends, most of which survived the test of time, therefore, to radically change clothes this spring is not necessary. In short, we expect non-standard styles, lots of juicy spring colors, a variety of prints and, of course, accessories. We picked up images according to the latest trends from the fashion catwalks for everyday wardrobe with a description of what to expect and what to strive for in the spring of 2017.

1. Khaki and snake skin

Spring wardrobe: what awaits us in the coming season

This spring you can expect updates khaki popularity sand, olive and beige hues combined with snakeskin. Ralf Lauren presented a collection with a very attractive accessory with naturalistic animal prints, among them the high-heeled shoes and roomy bags volume. Besides juicy and bright shades khaki, you can also meet the floral print and a plurality of natural tissue, flowing styles, light and translucent elements wardrobe.

Dress Zara, 2599r. Shoes LOST INK, 4299r.

TopShop pants, 3500r. Blouse Mango, 1299RUR.

oodji belt, 199r. Bag TopShop, 3199r.

2. The geometry and ruffles

Spring wardrobe: what awaits us in the coming season

Ruched still in vogue, and this spring we can expect more and more of these decorative elements in various parts of the wardrobe, and also do not combine things with ruffles prohibited. Ryushey addition, in the course of a variety of geometric prints: strip, and other cell lines, and in combination with each other. Bright and comfortable shoes with original bags will be in addition to such a way. Blouse Mango, 3499r. Skirt Mango, 2999RUR.

Dress Mango, 2999RUR. Slipony Zara, 1999RUR.

3. Flower print maxi

Spring wardrobe: what awaits us in the coming season

Floral print, please us last summer, will remain relevant and this spring in various incarnations, from blouses to bags. But perhaps the most popular way to New York Fashion Week - a floral maxi dress with metallic shoes. This outfit is a fresh hint of the coming season, it remains only to choose suitable outdoor clothing: classic trench coat or a coat, but if you want to add boldness in romantic costume, take black leather jackets.

Dress Zara, 3599r. Dress Mango, 9999r.

Shoes Mango, 3999RUR.

4. The T-shirt

Spring wardrobe: what awaits us in the coming season

Christian Dior was very original at the last Fashion Week, combining luxurious fabrics and styles with elements of everyday street fashion. So on the podium were lush translucent skirt made of flowing materials, decorated with sequins, rhinestones and embroidery, with the most common T-shirt basic colors with different inscriptions.

Mike Love Republic, 999RUR. Mike GLAMOROUS, 1599r.

Skirt Zarina, 3499r. Skirt Mango, 4499r.

5. Bright tweed

Spring wardrobe: what awaits us in the coming season

Chanel this season does not change its classical style and is suits and dresses tweed with branded accessories. Next spring, even such an elegant and discreet style, like the fashion house Chanel, is bright and colorful, as the colors chosen for the spring collection, filled with juicy shades: bright turquoise, pink, white, blue, dark blue. Geometric patterns or classic tweed print - a similar trend will be relevant both for clothes and for accessories, and you can wear them at the same time as a lot of Chanel does not happen. Warm and fresh image for spring.

tweed skirt from Zara, 2999RUR. Top tweed Zara, 2599r.

Tweed dress from Mango, 4499r. Tweed jacket from Zara, 8999r.

Leather shoes Mango, 7999r. Bag Aldo, 5499r.