How to dress in the style of stars Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin - actress and model, make a style 60s laidback and minimalist. In her wardrobe is easy to combine elegance and classic items with a bold, mischievous and infantile elements. She gave women the love of freedom and style not only in evening dresses, but also in everyday life. Legendary bag basket, flared pants and mini-skirts - all this found its expression in a charming French wardrobe style icons and popular ever since.

1. Mini and boots

How to dress in the style of stars Jane Birkin

The love of skirts, shorts and mini dresses characterizes the style Birkin as the feminine, but still a bit childish. In combination with the mini-style, in the locker room Birkin, you can also meet a lot of klesa that also emphasizes its naive and gentle nature. To add a bit of youthful audacity in wardrobe, Jane Birkin used high stockings, and today you can afford an absolute hit - boots boots made of velvet, suede or leather. Add to vest leather skirt free cut, do not forget the warm, knitted cardigan with patterns, and one of the iconic images of the actress is ready.

Skirt Mango, 2999RUR. Cardigan Mango, 1999RUR.

Boots River Island, 7910r. Cardigan Mango, 3999RUR.

Wrap Zara hair 999RUR.

2. Tight-fitting style

How to dress in the style of stars Jane Birkin

In addition to the stockings and mini-skirts, heart Birkin also dragged to the form-fitting style, which perfectly underlines the figure and looked so tempting with her long straight hair. A simple dress with long sleeves in a bright red color, a simple low-key coat, studs and discreet clutch - a great way to go out, if you want to be stylish, elegant but at the same time daring and sexy.

Dresses Zara, 2999RUR. Shoes Mango, 3499r.

Coats Mango, 11999r. Clutch Eternel, 1630r.

Earrings Mango, 999RUR.

3. Jeans and Shirt

How to dress in the style of stars Jane Birkin

Casual Birkin became legendary and remains popular to this day. Simple, little frayed cutoff jeans with a high waist, a white shirt with a print or cut and lush, of course, incredibly stylish in this year's bag woven basket. The actress just used a wicker basket with an elegant ribbon or handkerchief, and you can get a bag made in this style. Also, in addition to that image perfectly suited sandals with wedge heels or high heels - another favorite item Birkin wardrobe.

Jeans TopShop, 4040r. Blouse Mango, 2999RUR.

Sandals Loucos & Santos, 5999r. Bag Zara, 2999RUR.

Chain with bee honeycombs Mango, 1999RUR.

4. The headpiece

How to dress in the style of stars Jane Birkin

The headpiece is made Birkin image of a little French and is ideally combined with the everyday, business and evening wear. A hat with a wide brim or take with a classic trench coat fashion this spring khaki shades - an excellent choice to repeat this bow. Gentle dress free cut and big earrings also look great. To complete the image and add notes of the French, like the Birkin, use red color in the selection of accessories.

Dress Mango, 1999RUR. Cloak Selected Femme, 15799r.

Tights Innamore, 300r. Shoes Zara, 1999RUR.

Hat Bailey, 7990r. Earrings Mango, 999RUR.

5. Flared

How to dress in the style of stars Jane Birkin

Continuing the theme klesa Birkin in the locker room, it is worth noting trousers with a high waist, wide and flared at the bottom. It is a versatile option for routine way, but if you add to it a stylish top with a print or lace, as well as footwear to choose sandals with heels, you can get an evening look. Bag, of course, wicker - if not the basket, just textile, neutral shades.

Pants Miss Selfridge, 3799r. Influence Top, 2499RUR.

Sandals Steve Madden, 6150r. Bag Zara, 2999RUR.