Proper emphasis: casual clothing with bright accessories

In order to look stylish every day, it is not necessary to have a lot of variety of trendy things. A person with a great sense of taste distinguishes the ability to pick things up so that you can make from them a variety of bows, as well as the ability to correctly place accents. We decided to pick up for you a few examples of the most simple and ordinary images in which accessories do all the work, turning everyday wardrobe in an elegant and expensive.

1. Jeans + T-shirt

Proper emphasis: casual clothing with bright accessories

Jeans and a T-shirt - a basic element of the wardrobe, which is probably every girl. But this image does not necessarily have to be sporty or home everyday. If you add the right accessories, such image can be refined and expensive. With jeans and a white T-shirt will look great sandals or high-heeled shoes, bright or neutral colors. High Heel immediately claim to elegance, and therefore the most simple jeans will become more feminine. If we add to this the image of stylish this season

Jeans TopShop, 4499 p. T Mango, 1699 p.

Lace Dorothy Perkins, 3140 p. Wicker bag Zara, 3999 p.

2. Dress color khaki

Proper emphasis: casual clothing with bright accessories

Hacks - hit this spring, especially in combination with snake print. You can buy the most simple dress khakis, or any other, without prints and jewelry, and then combine it with the eye-catching shoes with snake print. As an ideal supplement to snakeskin shoes, you can choose a big brown bag made of suede or leather.

Dress Mango, 2999 p. Sandals Ash, 10,070 p.

Bag Bata, 3699 p.

3. Atlas

Proper emphasis: casual clothing with bright accessories

Satin things, even the simplest of styles and colors, add luxury to any wardrobe. Whether it's a dress, a scarf or blouse, you can not experience more - the atlas will attract attention. We encourage you to choose the most simple black jeans with a high waist and elegant satin top with thin spaghetti straps with lace or without. As an accessory to such a simple way of shoes are ideal with a decorative element and a bright bag over his shoulder.

Jeans TopShop, 4399 p. Top TopShop, 2599 p.

Shoes Zara, 3999 p. Bag Zara, 7599 p.

4. Knitted Dress

Proper emphasis: casual clothing with bright accessories

Knitwear - is another trend, which is necessary to have in your wardrobe this spring. The simplest sort of dress-style case perfectly fit any length. Its color should be basic to all the attention switched to accessories. As accessories you need to take something special, unusual and bright. We recommend that the bag in a vintage style. She did not have to be a really vintage - most importantly, to keep the style. Instead heel or ankle comfortable wear shoes or sneakers. Dress Zara, 2599 p. Clutch Zara, 2999 p.

Shoes adidas, 7990 p.

5. Shoes with a print

Proper emphasis: casual clothing with bright accessories

Not only snake coloring popular. This spring is quite impossible to imagine without the cells, and it is best suited leopard. The most simple trousers in a cage any style and length, combined with the simple black or white T-shirt - it's a way to collect that is not difficult. Complement it with a bright shoe prints and most ordinary clutch. Classic clutch will add a touch of your way of business, but the prints will not be bored.

Pantaloons Mango, 4499 p. T Mango, 1499 p.

Sandals Ash, 9090 p. Clutch Dorothy Perkins, 999 p.