Life in red color: how to wear the most trendy shade of season

Red color - hue trend this season, which can be implemented completely in any way from the small but eye-catching detail to total over red-onion. Red also holds a strong position among beauty-products, such as shadows, liner and eyeliners, saying that even tends to make more expressive and adapt new, unfamiliar colors. We decided to tell you about updates to the season and how to wear them in everyday life, to look stylish and relaxed.

1. Outerwear

Life in red color: how to wear the most trendy shade of season

Outerwear in red is very relevant in the spring, as the weather still does not allow to completely abandon from the heat, but the wardrobe already has a relative freedom and ease. Red coat, jacket, black leather jackets or liked Bomber - this is a great solution for those who want to immediately express their style. An impressive and colorful accent in your everyday image lets you choose any brand clothing underneath. But not only the color is set in the spring, but also style. The more free cutting, the better, and if it is a black leather jackets, the shortened version will be the most stylish solution.

Coats Mango, 9 999RUR. Bomber Dorothy Perkins, 3 999RUR.

Leather jackets Mango, 11 999RUR. Cloak Armani Exchange, 15 999RUR.

2. Accessories

Life in red color: how to wear the most trendy shade of season

Accessories in red perfectly suited to those who prefer a basic wardrobe, restrained in color, shapes and styles to add a little color and make even the most usual way of stylish and individual. The smaller bag, the clothes look neater, so give preference to clutches, shoulder bag or a small business bag. The unusual design, the better, as well as look at the luxurious texture of leather, velvet, sequins.

Bag Zara, 2 599RUR. Bag Baggini, 4 199r.

Bag Vivienne Westwood, 11 199r. Love Republic Bag, 2 799RUR.

3. Red Onion Total

Life in red color: how to wear the most trendy shade of season

The most daring and relaxed, you can choose Total red-onion. Completely red, confident and sexy image, ideal for both daily and in the evening onions. All you need - choose a well combined with each other items of clothing. Or, on the contrary, make a bet on eclecticism. For example, the wide pants in sporty style with a neat top and jacket, light satin dress with a leather jacket and tight-fitting trousers with topom with bare shoulders. Do not choose too flashy fashions, as even one red will be enough to stand out.

Pants Mango, 2 499RUR. Manosque Top 2 999RUR.

Jacket Mango, 6 499RUR. Shoes Zara, 1 999RUR.

4. Evening image of

Life in red color: how to wear the most trendy shade of season

Red dress - is undeniably sexy and elegant, even if its style nothing special. If you want to build the image of the evening, the light red dress cut like a dress-case, a combination of satin or silk, combined with red shoes and bag a different color - it's a great choice. To complete the image, you can add a red coat or cape or cloak choose a different color.

Dress Zara, 3 599RUR. Shoes Zara, 3 599RUR.

Clutch Olga Berg, 7 499RUR.

5. Cosmetics

Life in red color: how to wear the most trendy shade of season

red makeup - this is not just lip. Thanks to Chanel, we have red eye shadow, that will surely take his place in the latest beauty-trends. Also, as you can use any make-up shades of red. Bright or discreet - no matter the season in style to use as liquid red shade covering all the eyelid, and a light red TINT on the lips. In addition to bright red among the trendy make-ups can be found deep plum or cherry shade, and red or pale coral.

Lipstick M.A.C, 1 480p. Lipstick M.A.C, 1 480p.

Reticulation shadows L'Oreal, 999RUR. Eyeliner Rimmel eye 410r.