How to dress in the style of the stars: Emma Watson

Emma Watson recently does not get tired to surprise and delight their fans not only kinonovinki, but also inspiring feminist achievements. We see the actress on the UN meetings, struggling with sheymingom in new trailers and, of course, on the women's march. Personally, we can not help but respect Watson for her character and desire, but also notes that the actress knows a lot about beautiful clothes. This time tell what elements composed wardrobe beloved Hermione, and how to replicate it.

1. Jeans + tweed

How to dress in the style of the stars: Emma Watson

Tweed - one of the most trendy materials for this season and wear it absolutely with any clothes, from the classic Chanel suit in the style to everyday image. One of the most simple and elegant image of Emma Watson - is a combination of a basic wardrobe with a tweed jacket. Simple jeans of any color, ordinary white T-shirt without sleeves, tweed jackets and shoes of bright colors to complement the onion, composed of the most ordinary things. Choose a roomy bag and wear this outfit to work, walk or any other daily activity.

Mike TopShop, 899r. TopShop jeans, 3590r.

Jacket Tutto Bene, 3640r. Booties Zara, 6999r.

Bag Lamania, 6899r.

2. pants top +

How to dress in the style of the stars: Emma Watson

to look luxurious, strict and sexy at the same time, it is not necessary to choose expensive or not very comfortable thing. All that you need - this is the right accessories. Emma Watson knows how to combine the base colors. This onions go perfectly ordinary classical trousers shortened style, simple top of thin material and a white jacket, or loose-fitting, to your taste. To add flavor to a simple wardrobe, wear shoes or sandals with high heels or a bright color or a custom style. With black and white bow will look great gold and red details. Pants River Island, 3499r. Mango, 1999RUR top.

Jacket Dorothy Perkins, 3599r. Sandals Conhpol-Bis, 9999r.

Suspension Mango, 1499RUR.

3. Turtleneck + skirt

How to dress in the style of the stars: Emma Watson

casual way - it is not only the style, but also comfort and warmth, as the spring is not yet in full swing. The most common black turtleneck, spacious, fitting or shortened, would look great with a skirt of another color, such as beige, brown or one of the trendy colors - khaki. Simple but elegant low-heeled shoes successfully complement a wardrobe. If you want to add a bit of sexuality, the red - the best color. Red skirt will make the image of elegant, but red lipstick fit in the everyday and in a more formal way.

Skirt Elmira Markes, 7020r. Turtleneck TopShop, 1750r.

Shoes Zara, 2599r. Bra Agent Provocateur, 4480r.

Lipstick MA C, 1480r.

4. Coat + takes

How to dress in the style of the stars: Emma Watson

Emma Watson is well versed in what a French style, adding infantile image of business women and feminists. Spacious blue coat, and takes the classic style of Jane Birkin, a white shirt and jeans - that's the image that can be implemented every day, until the weather is not yet eliminates the outerwear. Neat patent loafers or Lofer perfectly complement the image, do not contradict with the comfort.

Jeans TopShop, 4499r. TopShop blouse, 4299r.

Moccasins Mango, 1999RUR. Coats Mango, 6999r. It takes Venera, 1260r.

5. Evening dress

How to dress in the style of the stars: Emma Watson

No evening dress does not do any wardrobe. Such an item of clothing you'll wear a rare, and mostly he is not comfortable, but despite this, to get at least one elegant evening gown made from delicate material is necessary. Emma Watson is often seen on the red carpet, and other evening events, so it is full of a variety of dresses. The actress is not afraid of bright colors and custom styles. But if you do not know what kind of dress will suit you just as well as Watson, remember that the black color will never fail. For this image, we chose a satin black dress maxi with gold detail, most ordinary sandals thin heels and clutch original to add more sophistication and accessories.

Dress Mango, 8999r. Sandals Winzor, 9399r.

Clutch Eternel, 2999RUR. Earrings Taya, 799RUR.