How to dress in the style of stars Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey - the pop diva of our time, conquered all his sweet voice, the Hollywood glitz and charming coquetry, immaturity combined with uninhibited sexuality. We love her endlessly romantic and saucy songs and, of course, her outfits, which is embodied as a gentle, romantic and elegant style, and hippies, vintage and a bit of sportiness. As long as you listen to her songs, and drink-Cola Cherry, we tell you about the most memorable images of the singer and how to implement them.

1. Dress mini

How to dress in the style of stars Lana Del Rey

If you want to bring the style of Lana Del Rey, then be prepared to let the mini infantile in their lives. Despite not quite fragile figure, Lana loves miniskirts and charming dress made of light, flowing fabrics or materials such as lace and denim. This image - a neat blue dress without shoulders, restrained sandals, and, of course, a headdress in the form of the rim, embroidered with beads. An excellent option to this image will also bezel with flowers, which is so fond of the singer. To add brightness, use bright lipstick.

QED London Dress, 2899 p. Headband Accessorize, 1660 p.

Lace Dorothy Perkins, 3499 p. Lipstick MAC 1 790 p.

2. Khaki

How to dress in the style of stars Lana Del Rey

Hacks - it is very fashionable and relevant for everyday image of an element of the business and feminine style. In addition to the bright dresses and seductive outfits, in which the singer appears on stage in her life she loves modest and comfortable clothes. Charming white blouse and loose pants with a high waist khaki - a great bow for a job or even an evening event. Add to this the image of shoes made of brown suede or snake-print, and daily image will be stylish and special. Pants Topshop, 3799 p. Blouse Topshop, 3799 p.

Shoes Evita, 4199 p.

3. Hat

How to dress in the style of stars Lana Del Rey

Accessories for Lana Del Rey, obviously, mean as much as the clothing itself, and sometimes they are even more important. That is why its image is often possible to meet big earrings, chains, and hats. Among Multicolor singer dresses very distinguished white - gentle, mysterious and romantic. An elegant white dress with a custom style sleeves boulders and neat row of buttons - a great option, which has echoes of the style of the 60s. White or beige hat with a blue or black ribbon - the perfect complement to this image. To add zest and brightness, choose bright shoes electric blue or fuchsia trend this season.

Dress Mango, 4999 p. Hat Betmar, 6290 p.

Shoes Dali, 5999 p. Clutch Jane's Story, 4999 p.

Earrings Accessorize, 275 p.

4. Bomber

How to dress in the style of stars Lana Del Rey

As we have said, in the daily life of Lana style more practical and even polusportivny, but always with some feminine element that completes the overall picture. On the singer can be seen sporting a jacket, a cap and her favorite element - T-shirt with the American flag. To gather this image, we chose loose jeans with a high waist, a top gang strip with bare shoulders and liked bomber khaki embroidered with beads. To dilute the daily sports and notes of the wardrobe, add a very feminine shoes bright or neutral colors. Top Lost Ink, 2150 p. Jeans Topshop, 4499 p.

Bomber Time For Future, 5030 p. Espadrilles Zara of satin, 2999 p.

5. Elegant red

How to dress in the style of stars Lana Del Rey

Red color - the card of all fashion icons. Lana Del Rey also knows that in red it looks especially luxurious. Dress to the floor of the flowing fabrics - it's not the most practical option if you do not walk on carpet with enviable frequency, but accurate fitting dress with bare shoulders and chest marked - an excellent choice. It can go both on the solemn event, and the evening event, charming all the Hollywood glitz. Add the onion in a little gold, selecting a clutch for sale and earrings. Classic shoe option for the red dress - black velvet platform sandals and high heels.

Dress Edge Street, 3199 p. Lace Arezzo, 6699 p.

Clutch River Island, 2299 p. Earrings Accessorize, 165 p.