New lip gloss based on the movie "Beetlejuice"

New lip gloss based on the movie

We love Kat Von D, because she likes the Gothic and knows how to please all who are not alien to the mysterious glamor. Now she is ready to present a brand new school and a grim line, but this time not without surprises for buyers.

The new product, which we will enjoy this spring - lip gloss, created based on the legendary horror film from Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice." Unlike usual for Kat Von D shades of burgundy and black, new shine - raspberry, with an appetizing color fuchsia trim and dark Tinto closer to the center of the lips.

Despite the popularity of matte lipsticks, gloss from Kat Von D, with its deep and viscous texture - a very fresh and juicy decision to make at the warm season. Buy lipstick can shop at Sephora for $ 20.