How to correctly choose the clothes, if you complete

Pick up clothes for any shape is very easy today, especially considering that a large number of brand produces clothes for plus-size or curve-shapes. But most women still make yourself look stupid and uncomfortable, because, following the trends, forget about the peculiarities of his body. But we have found a solution for you and picked up different bows considering how your magnificent forms, as well as love for the latest fashion novelties.

1. The color scheme of

How to correctly choose the clothes, if you complete

The girls with curvaceous, it makes sense to pay attention to certain colors and properly combine things in different shades. The selection of clothes full figure there is one important caveat - if you pick the wrong color and style, then your figure will look funny and not tempting. So let's begin with dark and light versions. Black dress, or dress the other dark color is best to wear a belt with a light, which visually emphasize the waist, removing from it a few extra centimeters, while a dark dress will make you leaner, profitable emphasizing those parts of your body that deserve attention. Choose an open neckline, if you - the owner of magnificent breasts, or add accessories if a bust is not that simple.

Dress Befree, 1899 p. Topshop belt, 2299 p.

Szabo Zara, 4999 p.

Bright prints 2.

How to correctly choose the clothes, if you complete

Many believe that the bright prints banned full of girls, as they visually enhance the shape. But we believe that it is high time to abandon the stereotype. All you need - is to find the right style, and print - it's a matter of taste. This season is very popular tropical pattern, and you have no sense of myself in him to refuse. A simple shift dress or a shapeless tunic dress or shirt - great for your figure. If we talk about clothes with polka-dot, simply preferring smaller peas. The best length for the girls with curvaceous considered midi or mini, but spacious cut, because this dress will look elegant, but not ridiculous, and the lighter the fabric, the better. Dress Mango, 7999 p. Dress Zara, 2999 p.

Sandals Mango, 3999 p. Bag Zara, 2999 p.

3. The right trousers + shirt

How to correctly choose the clothes, if you complete

Another common myth is that a shirt with a long skirt girls do not go to the full, as the volume of it have enough. But long shirt just might look very tempting, if you combine it with the right trousers. Fitting styles are also prohibited, but why? The narrower the bottom, the better, since it smoothes the transition from full hips and does not add unnecessary centimeters ankles. High waist, or average, with or without print - you decide. Also on the full of girls will look great cropped pants or jeans. If you combine the volume a long blouse and skinny pants to the bottom, you can get a great office onions. If you want to make it more juicy, just add bright shoes.

Pants Evans, 2299 p. Blouse Mango, 1999 p.

Sandals Zara, 2999 p.

4. The strip is not prohibited by

How to correctly choose the clothes, if you complete

You probably heard many times that the striped things complete, respectively, they are contraindicated in those who are already full. But it seems to us that it is absolutely unfair, because of the vest and the bottom light can make a great image for every day that will look great on your figure, it is advantageous to emphasize your merits and will bring to the wardrobe a little romance.

Blouse Mango, 3499 p. Blouse Mango, 5499 p.

Jeans Mango, 4499 p. Sandal Zara, 2599 p. Bag Zara, 1499 p.

5. It is not necessary to avoid the multi-layer

How to correctly choose the clothes, if you complete

Multi-layer multi-layer strife. If you wear a blouse with a lot of frills because you want to follow the trends, it does not mean that it does not suit you, just remember that the bottom must remain humble. Indulge in jackets, cardigans and cloaks, they do not add extra volume and look stylish on any figure. If you - the owner of a pear shape, then remember that the lower part of the wardrobe should constrict you, but those whose shape is similar to an apple, you can afford and a wide bottom.

Cardigan Mango 5499 p. Blouse Mango, 2999 p.

Blouse Mango, 3499 p. Jeans Mango, 4499 p.

Wedge sandals Zara, 1999 p.