Queen of the Ball: 6 luxurious images for prom

Graduation - it's like a wedding, only a lot more fun, and less expensive. Every girl at least at heart, wants to be the most beautiful and elegant at the ceremonial event marking the end of school or university. Prom queen in our country do not choose, but our selection of images on the outlet you just will be the most stylish in parallel.

1. Flirtatious

Queen of the Ball: 6 luxurious images for prom

Playful coquette - the perfect look for prom, especially if you finish school, and like a pink dress with overflow champagne color - this is your last call, gentle, infantile and festive. Curvy mini fit perfectly under the hot summer, a charming bow is a perfect accent in a tiny way.

Dress Mango, 4499 p. Lace Winzor, 9999 p.

Clutch Menbur, 3500 p. Ring Accessorize, 775 p.

Earrings Accessorize, 285 p.

2. Luxury red

Queen of the Ball: 6 luxurious images for prom

If it is possible to wear red, never imagined this is not denied. And in general, any self-respecting girl, especially a schoolgirl or a graduate of the University, to enter into real adulthood, should have in her wardrobe red dress, luxurious or simple. Red - a bid for victory, no matter where you put it either. Graduation - an excellent opportunity to show that you are already sexually, and stand out from the crowd solemnly dressed.

Dress Sweet Miss, 1520 p. Lace Arezzo, 5899 p. Clutch Eternel, 635 p. Earrings Accessorize, 165 p.

Ring Accessorize, 2300 p.

3. Inferno

Queen of the Ball: 6 luxurious images for prom

Every girl should be a little infernal regions, whether you're a fatal beauty or young decadent. Luxurious dress made of unusual fabrics dark saturated colors - this outfit for anyone who is not afraid to release inner demons out. Burgundy, dark blue, dark green - do not be afraid to combine these colors with each other, especially if you want to focus just on the dress. In this case, minimalist accessories fit better than weighty.

Dress Isabel Garcia, 15 700 p. Sandals Zara, 3999 p.

Mini Bag Eternel, 1999 p. Earrings Accessorize, 237 p.

Bracelet Accessorize, 560 p.

4. Sexual classic

Queen of the Ball: 6 luxurious images for prom

If you do not know what to wear, put on black. This color will rescue you in any situation, and if you pick the right accessories to it, you can get an image of any degree of solemnity. Black - it's always elegant, sexy and, above all, practical. A simple black dress shirt original style - is not only an easy and cool way to graduation, but also a wardrobe item that you can use in the future with any other things like the blazer, cardigan or t-shirts.

Dress Mango, 6999 p. Shoes Zara, 2599 p.

Clutch Piazza Italia, 1 199 p. Bracelet Accessorize, 429 p.

Earrings Accessorize, 165 p.

5. Romantic

Queen of the Ball: 6 luxurious images for prom

Spring and summer - it's time gentle but rich colors and, of course, romance. There is nothing more feminine for prom than the volume-midi dress with a floral print, a light shade with the same light, almost weightless accessories. In this dress, there is something grand and romantic at the same time as that of Kate Middleton.

Dress Sweet Miss, 3899 p. Lace Call It Spring, 3999 p.

Bag David Jones, 1899 p. Earrings Accessorize, 470 p.

6. Everyday

Queen of the Ball: 6 luxurious images for prom

But there are girls who do not want to dress up, even in such a holiday, they prefer dress-shirt, light tunics, and sometimes they are even thinking about sneakers and comfortable jeans. If you so desire, you should not indulge in modesty and comfort, in addition to a dress-shirt khaki and comfortable sandals on wedge heels make you look very stylish, even despite the fact that after you no stretches loop and rhinestones not dazzle the eye. If desired, a dress can be worn with sneakers. Add vivid detail of a clutch of catchy shades and rush to your ball.

Dress-shirt Zara, 2999RUR. Clutch Aldo, 2600 p.

Lace Tulipano, 3499 p. Accessorize earrings, 165 p.

Bracelet Accessorize, 237 p.