How to dress in the style of stars Frida Kahlo

How to dress in the style of stars Frida Kahlo

Mexican Hot, talented artist and fatal beauty Frida Kahlo - literally inspiration this season. The mass-market stores can be found more and more ethnic items, bright floral prints and rich colors that remember the extraordinary style of this women. In her costumes, of course, the voice of the Mexican culture and elements of folk style, but Frida managed to keep inspiring originality. Her costumes emphasize the explosive temperament of the artist, and a passion for bright colors - a reflection of the hot and restless heart. In anticipation of the hot season, we want to talk about clothes Frida Kahlo and advice on how to implement them in your wardrobe.

1 + bright light trousers blouse

How to dress in the style of stars Frida Kahlo

One of the main features of the style of Frida - it ethnics, as her costumes - it is a reflection of culture. Here and bright colors, and styles of bulk, which, incidentally, is very easy to repeat in everyday style, if you choose slacks and a light blouse free. For starters, you can choose a low-key color, but do not forget about the print - ethnic or flower - it will help to add to the image of the very highlights, which is in the colorful costumes of the artist. You can add a bright accent in accessories, while remaining discreet and summery fresh.

Pants Zara, 3999 p. Blouse Mango, 4499 p.

Sandals Zara, 3599 p. Bag Zara, 2999 p.

Earrings Zara, 999 p.

2. Red Dress

How to dress in the style of stars Frida Kahlo

Red - the color of the crown is not a well-known fashion icon, and Frida love the bloody poppy also not spared. Looking at the photo of Frida, you can see a combination of fuchsia, magenta and red dresses and blouses with ruffles that add volume and tenderness of her fatally. For evening or everyday outfit, you can choose bright red dress with mini-neckline and voluminous sleeves. And, of course, the final chord - flowers as a headdress. With a comfortable bag-Schopper this outfit can be worn not only for the evening, but on a less solemn event. Dress Zara, 2999 p. Mules Zara, 3999 p.

Mango Top, 999 p. Headband ASOS, 2600 p.

Bag Zara, 2599 p. Earrings Mango, 899 p.

3. The skirt with a print blouse +

How to dress in the style of stars Frida Kahlo

Frida rarely seen in trousers, but her skirt is not quite suitable for life of a modern girl. If you care about comfort, but still want to try on the image of Kahlo, the more restrained midi skirt with a print is perfect, especially if you combine it with something neutral, for example, with a white blouse surround style or ruffles to emphasize the décolletage . Decorate this way can be bright accessories - Frida is popular for his love of handkerchiefs, headbands, rim and other accessories for volo. Choose the one that is perfect in color and will have you on the soul.

Skirt oodji, 1299 p. Blouse Zara, 2299 p.

Sandals Zara, 2299 p. Necklace Happy Charms Family, 1520 p.

Bandage Zara, 899 p. Clutch Zara, 2999 p.

4. Jeans Blouse +

How to dress in the style of stars Frida Kahlo

Bright ethnic blouses look great with skirts are not less expressive in the way Kahlo, but this does not mean that this outfit can not be adapted to the conditions of modern life, replacing large-scale bottom narrowed comfortable jeans. The volume will be offset from the top of the lower part of the wardrobe of minimalism, and in the image, with all its brightness and juiciness, slightly businesslike tone will appear, so picking the right shoes, this outfit can wear to work or on a date.

Blouse Zara, 2599 p. Jeans Topshop, 4040 p. Espadrilles Zara, 2999 p. Clip Acsessorize, 440 p.

Bag Zara, 3999 p.

5. Top + cape

How to dress in the style of stars Frida Kahlo

Stratification - another feature of ethnic wardrobe Frida Kahlo, which can easily be repeated today, and it does not necessarily wrapped up in shawls and scarves. It suffices to choose a cardigan in negligent style with floral print and combine it with soft shades of gray, peach and light, pleasant to the touch fabrics like satin, which are well suited for hot weather. Do not forget the accessories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, headbands - all this will help add volume and bring to your wardrobe little ethnic charm.

Mango Top, 2499 p. Shroud Mango, 3499 p.

Trousers Mango, 4499 p. Sandals Zara, 3999 p.

Beads Nature bijoux, 2499 p. Headband Mango, 1699 p.

Bag Zara, 2999 p.