What to wear, if the street is hot as hell

The heat can be a maddening and spoil the aesthetics of your image. we often have to either deny his favorite item of wardrobe or languish in the heat is what requires a dress code. Of course, the solution to such a problem, there is only more closely enough to the choice of clothes. That you could be inspired to more competent and comfortable summer, we have made a selection for you to help survive the hellish weather.

1. Choose fabrics that do not cling to the body of

What to wear, if the street is hot as hell

The most unpleasant in hot weather - to be sticky and wet, feeling your own clothes stick to the body and exposes the wet stains. To avoid this, choose a light fabric fluttering and styles that will not only be well-breathable, creating a comfort, but also dry quickly in the event of extreme temperature.

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2. Maxi is always possible to

What to wear, if the street is hot as hell

In spite of the fact that the hell outside, that does not mean that a maxi dress should rest on a shelf of the cabinet. The main thing when choosing a maxi - make sure that there is enough cuts, cut-outs and ventilated places. Maxi skirt with a long slit up to the thigh and shortened the top - a great option to wear their favorite clothes, to realize the French style and feel comfortable at the same time. When it comes to dress, regardless of the length of the skirt leave shoulders as open as possible. The skirt Topshop, 2790 p. Topshop Top, 1090 p.

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3. The Atlas is not a lot of

What to wear, if the street is hot as hell

Clothing made of satin or silk are well suited for summer as well as silk has a feature to cool the body, to evaporate moisture and look great. The more satin or silk garments in your bow, the better. Lightweight top with jeans or dress maxi in the eastern style - a great option for every day. As a shoe model, choose light with a minimum weighting of parts to keep your feet feel at ease.

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4. If you need accessories, use a handkerchief

What to wear, if the street is hot as hell

scarf - perfect accessory for the feminine image, but in hot weather extra fabric around the neck, the hands or the belt can be unbearable. To solve this problem is very easy - just use the scarf as an accessory on the bag. Bright accent and no sweat. In addition, if you pressing the office dress code or just need to dress discreetly, and I want to dissect in a kimono, pay attention to the short trousers of satin fabric and light blouse light shade. With the onion bag decorated with a handkerchief, it will look business-like style. Elegant sandals with stiletto heels - and the image of the office is ready. Pants Zara, 1999 p. Blouse Zara, 1299 p.

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5. The thinner sheets, the better

What to wear, if the street is hot as hell

It is often the source of problems in hot weather is the wrong underwear. Dense cups, cotton fillers and unnatural fabrics can be a disaster, even if you dress the slightest. We recommend that you replace your favorite bra on the thin bra / top with soft cups, and pitted. So you can feel more comfortable, even in the wild heat.

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