5 mistakes in your wardrobe

Modern street fashion is rich in eclectic and aims to highlight the personality. To make a mistake in the locker room today is very difficult, because you can make a bow out of anything. If before wearing athletic shoes with delicate dresses would dare only the rebellious nature, today this trend does not surprise anyone, and in fact, it would be a crime against the style never try themselves in this manner. We collected a few habits and errors that can be tolerated by dressing today, and how to avoid them to make their way of stylish, colorful and memorable.

1. If you're afraid to combine prints

5 mistakes in your wardrobe

One of the most common mistakes - is the fear of a combination of different prints. Many people think that it's tasteless, overloaded or even meaningless. But in fact a combination of different colors can give your onions fresh and impeccable style, the main thing - to combine them properly and always remember that bright elements must flatten more neutral. Take the classic trousers in a cage, add camouflage in street clothes and shoe Consider the leopard. Accessories made of snake skin - the perfect completion of the bow, and the basic white blouse or T-shirt - this is the neutral element, which will save your image from the wardrobe of the market traders. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Blouse Mango, 1499RUR. Bomber TopShop, 2990r.

Trousers Mango, 3499r. Lofer TopShop, 1830r. Bag Elisabeth, 1160r.

2. If you think sequins - this evening wardrobe

5 mistakes in your wardrobe

Sequins - a great decoration for any clothing that can add magic and elegance to even the most simple items of clothing. But due to the fact that the sequins are most commonly used in evening wardrobe, it was convinced that shining thing can not be worn for any other reason. This is not so, especially given how popular in the field of beauty enjoys glitter. Wear clothes with sequins can and should be every day, as it may be a particular focus, and make even the most basic image of a stylish and bright. Do not be afraid to stand out, the main thing - remember that one element of the wardrobe with sequins at a time, when it comes to everyday style.

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3. If avoiding black and dark blue

5 mistakes in your wardrobe

On their own black and dark blue colors look great. While acting as a base and refined clothing such colors complements any wardrobe. But here wearing these two colors together it seems to much bust, with dark tones. We believe that the dark blue in combination with black looks very stylish, and on our side names such as Miu Miu, Gucci, Prabal Gurung and Céline.

Dress Mango, 1499RUR. Jacket Mango, 4499r.

Sneakers Zara, 3599r. Clutch Carpisa, 3290r. Lipstick, Chanel Rouge Allure, 3220r.

4. If not sure, how much should be vintage

5 mistakes in your wardrobe

Vintage retroelements or in the locker room - a great way to make the image more individual, even if it consists of a very simple clothes. But no matter how wonderful was the vintage, it should be used in moderation, but it is best to dilute them mod clothes. Old-fashioned jacket or jacket of unusual cut, grandmother's flowered dress with leather black leather jackets or accessories in retro style with casual clothes. Remember: the more complex the combination, the better, but do not forget that if you do not dilute your old-fashioned bow modern things, you risk looking for a couple of decades older.

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5. If you wear sweatpants just at home

5 mistakes in your wardrobe

Sports and simple home pants can be a great supplement daily way, besides you can even combine them with classic wardrobe elements. Given the convenience and practicality of the garment, it makes no sense to deny themselves in it.

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