6 monstrous beauty-tools from the past

You think that the cleaning of the face and mesotherapy - too painful procedures? Our grandmothers and great-grandmother suffered for the sake of its beauty is much stronger. Here are a few extreme, dangerous and insane cosmetic procedures from the past, after which you will cease to complain of hair removal.

Before teeth whitening strips

6 monstrous beauty-tools from the past

The whitening strips have a lot of flaws: you can not eat anything until they wear, tooth sensitivity is increased, and then you need to clean the teeth of the gel. Nevertheless, there is in these tools is an important advantage: they will split your jaw and will not leave holes in the body.

Women who Wikipedia calls "Radium Girls", worked on the dials of the watch and consume daily glowing substance, licking the tip of the brush with paint to restore the shape. And then shining teeth at night.

The glow of radium was incredibly charming, and women, depicting them, soon became known as the girl's ghost, because after work, they glowed. they later became special to smear their radium teeth to a bright smile to potential suitors.

In the first two decades of the XX century radium was considered something of a drug, and it has been used in tonics, ointments and toothpaste. It was only in 1925 when five people died from radium necrosis, physicians began to question the safety of the substance. However, the ban on the use of radium in foods and cosmetics introduced only in 1938.

Before the intimate care

Products for the care of the genital area have never been as popular as it is now. But if you think that the soap is specially designed with the correct pH-level - the unnecessary delights, think about this: until 1960, has not yet approved the pill, women used Lysol - a disinfectant for washing sinks. People thought that it would help to avoid unwanted pregnancies. And advertising promised that douching with this disinfectant will help your husband indifferent love again. As for me, special refreshing wipes genitals - does not sound so bad.

Until hairspray

It is believed that the people of the Victorian era were sad and depressed. Try to be pleased when your bodies crushed by the cast, his head covered with sores, and her hair literally weigh kilograms, because tightened greasy fat. Especially unfortunate got parasites that could build yourself the whole house of the fat yarns.

Before lipstick

6 monstrous beauty-tools from the past

Gloss publishes alarming statistics about how an ordinary woman ingests up to two kilograms of lipstick in her life, but we all understand that it is impossible to swallow so many cosmetics, unless you apply it too often. Even if you eat an amount that is clearly not going to kill us. But enough to see the history of red lipstick to understand that the ancient Egyptians had to literally kiss of death due to the use of iodine, bromine, and algae extracts in the first formula.

Before the intimate shaving

During the Renaissance, women with hair on the face and body were considered ugly, masculine, and have problems with fertility. Of course, they did not have razors, so they resorted to a variety of creative ways, such as arsenic. Recipe 1532 recommends heat poison solution, smear it over the body and rinse only when it becomes so hot that the flesh began to rip. Laser hair removal now seems just meditation.

Before Botox

6 monstrous beauty-tools from the past

Many people still believe neurotoxin injections in her face fad, but if you will have a choice between this and the electrical mask - we know that you choose. Now micro-currents can be useful, and painless, but in 1933 it was clearly an instrument of torture. Joseph Bryuek designed mask with heating coils, to smooth wrinkles. Seriously, it looks like another experience of Auschwitz.