6 colors, are relevant in this season

Like every girl, every morning I look at her wardrobe, hoping to see there is something special. Today is a sad conclusion was made by me: colors of my clothes are so scarce that look good, I can only at funerals. With the onset of October so eagerly wanted color, juiciness, pleasant to the touch texture. I decided to find out what is advised in this regard opinion leaders, and show you what colors are relevant in this season and what they wear.

1. Red

6 colors, are relevant in this season

According to the Vogue fashion magazine, Elle and Allure, red - the official color of the season. So, in October, the ladies put on a bold red in total over the bow, and as the bright parts. Accessories and red shoes are also welcome, without modesty and minimalism.

Coats, Mango, 12999r.

Booties, Zara, 5999r.

Pants, Mango, 3999RUR.

Blouse, Zara, 2599r.

2. Pink

6 colors, are relevant in this season

Pale pink will make a rough autumn wardrobe more sophisticated and feminine. It is best to implement the colors in the soft tissues: velvet, suede, corduroy, silk. All that is pleasant to the touch, is suitable. Do not deny yourself and flowing style, laces and even sequins. Pink can be combined with red or bardovym, but classic black will look awesome. The dress, Zara, 2999RUR.

Boots, Zara, 12599r.

Clutch, Zara, 3999RUR.

3. Dark Blue

6 colors, are relevant in this season

Dark Blue, or as it is called in gloss, navy blue - a great alternative to black. If you love the gloomy shades of dark blue diversify wardrobe. Choosing clothes, look at the luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk, because there is nothing that attracts looks like a dark-blue sheen. Remember, looked like a medallion Kate Winslet from the movie "Titanic"? Admit it, wear something called "The Heart of the Ocean" - sounds magical.

jumpsuit, Zara, 4999RUR.

Shoes, Zara, 2999RUR.

bag, Zara, 5999r.

4. Green

6 colors, are relevant in this season

Shades of green are so many and they are all beautiful, like a first love. But the catwalk dictates that the most current color for the autumn - it is grassy. It is still not too cold, dress the same color will look good in combination with trench coats and boots. And if the snow falls, boldly wear a sweater on top and continue wearing grass-green.

The dress, Mango, 3999RUR.

Trench LOST INK, 4950r. Bootees, Zara, 2999RUR.

Turban, Zara, 799RUR.

5. Gray

6 colors, are relevant in this season

Gray - a classic that will never get tired of us. It can be added in the garment, and the accessories. If you want your image remained light and delicate, choose light shades of gray.

Trench, Zara, 9999r.

Shoes, Zara, 2999RUR.

Cap, Bailey, 5990r.

6. Beige

6 colors, are relevant in this season

As an alternative to brown beige - a great option for those who do not like dark clothes. White left the summer, but warm sweater the color of coffee with milk and light trousers came along with the first frosts. Wear neutral shoes for office onions, or bright red boots with flirty mini skirt and a voluminous top.

Pants, Zara, 2999RUR.

Sweater, Zara, 4999RUR.

Boots, Zara, 4999RUR.