What you need to know about perfume and perfume

Perfume - the only thing we wear, even when exposed. It is invisible, is unique to each, and most of the time its composition remains unclear. Insiders industry share secrets about the differences between perfume, eau de toilette and perfume as perfume making, how to choose a perfume perfume and why the other person may not suit you.

Many fragrances are composed of natural ingredients

What you need to know about perfume and perfume

"Flowers in the perfume has a long history. They are beautiful, feminine and sexy, which is transmitted to its flavor. Flowers will always be intrigue and fascinate men and women. When women are floral aroma, they say they feel a special bond with nature ", - says the brand perfumer Annick Goutal, one of the most important names in the market of luxury fragrances.

Some flavors contain synthetic ingredients

What you need to know about perfume and perfume

The brand Annick Goutal prefers natural ingredients, but make them natural 100% is virtually impossible. Because of the cost components of perfume houses can not always afford it.

It's not just the economy: to use only natural ingredients is difficult for some specific aromas. For example, one can naturally remove the smell of peach and coconut.

Another reason for using synthetic ingredients is that some natural components greatly affect the environment. CEO of Hanami Phlur says:

We currently do not use sandalwood oil, as it is environmentally irresponsible. We take safe material from the laboratory, which replicate the essence of sandalwood and donate $ 5 from every bottle of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

In the perfume, cologne, toilet water and there is a difference

Many of us use the word "perfume" to denote the whole sphere in general. However, the differences between perfume, cologne, toilet water or there are in odor concentration. The highest rate of density of the odor contained in the pure spirits, followed by toilet water, and finally, the cologne.

Spirits have the strongest fragrance for different reasons. Traditionally wear perfume has been paid to the rich. This is the cleanest recipes with a high concentration of expensive oil, with a minimal amount of alcohol and water. In some cases, the spirits may not contain water.

Some believe that cologne is for men only. In fact, gender is an independent format that can surprise the scent, barely different from the version of the fragrance that is contained in the spirits.

Perfume worth the price

Like clothes, you can buy the fragrance as a few thousand, and thousands of dollars. A good perfume is expensive, and the reason for this are several factors. The main thing - the quality of ingredients and the manufacturing cost of the bottle itself.

However, the price does not always reflect quality - sometimes it's just marketing. And often the buyer is still at a loss, if expensive flavor does not match the quality of your own smell. So sometimes it is simply a positioning in the market.

A good fragrance should not be expensive

Often overpriced caused ineffective marketing campaigns, involving famous designers and celebrities. Fortunately, not all companies are investing in such promotions, and more focused on the components. In this case, the quality will speak for itself and does not need additional promotion.

We have seasonal trends flavors

What you need to know about perfume and perfume

Trends stimulate sales, but have nothing to do with consumer preferences. Sometimes there is a dependence on the season, and sometimes - just the weather outside the window. People wear light summer fragrance and spicy - in the winter, but it does not become the rule.

Ennika goth says:

Citrus and vanilla notes are trending for a long time, much longer than other scents. The perfume became the harder it sweeter, but these notes are not changed during the last ten years.

Not every manufacturer is required to open new flavors to be on the wave. Some focus on how to improve the quality of the components, which can be enjoyed all year round without being tied to the season.

The most popular flavors: woody, citrus and vanilla

If you think that many aromas felt the same way, no matter what the label is pasted on the bottle, the matter is likely that those notes are popular all over the world.

The choice of flavor - quite personal process. It is not necessary to focus on trends. Perfumers say that the need to fall in love with the aroma - it must be love at first scent.

Fragrance smell differently on different people

We have a unique body chemistry and lifestyle, so that the flavors are felt in different ways. The disclosure of smell affects different pH, food, body temperature and the medium in which you are.

Popular disappointment on a piece of paper in the store fragrance feels wonderful, but audible differences at home. This is because we are not made of paper. To choose the right fragrance should try it on your own skin.

The higher the quality, the longer it will last fragrance

What you need to know about perfume and perfume

There is nothing worse than a perfume, which disappears by noon. If you find that your scent disappears quickly, you need a product with a high concentration. Although, to use highly concentrated perfume, too bad - everything happens in a situation where someone was overzealous with the spirits.

This dilemma - one of the most difficult faced by perfume manufacturers. They have to find a balance between the length of smell and his strength.

Find a suitable fragrance is easy to

There are so many different flavors that can give the impression that among them it is difficult to understand. But one has only to choose what is really like. Think about yourself, about who you are. Aroma - the continuation of you, it expresses individuality. And since odors are changing and disclosed during the day, the best way to pick a favorite perfume - check it out on different days and in different conditions.