Natural fabrics, which we deserve

Natural fabrics, which we deserve

The continuation of talks about fur coats and down jackets want to talk about how to warm up, when the upper garment upon you are gone, and in his hand is not emblazoned glass of dry red. The abundance of synthetic things necessarily overwhelm you and carry off into the abyss of scabies, thorns and pellets, but you fight! In the meantime, I'll tell you what fabrics now in a trend that they are and where to buy stylish clothes made from these materials.

1. Cashmere

It is time for us to finally become literate and to turn his gaze to the consumer cashmere. Why? Because of the cashmere one thing will stand in the battle against 10 synthetic equivalents, particularly in winter, especially in the basic wardrobe. Investing in a good cashmere sweater, you win a few years of calm: warm, beautiful, nothing is scratched or pricked, the skin does not preet. For those who are still in the tank, a brief excursion into what is cashmere.

Natural fabrics, which we deserve

Cashmere - it is soft, warm and very thin fabric, which is produced from wool and undercoat of cashmere goats. That is, natural products, but without sacrifice.

Yes, cashmere - it's expensive-rich, so you have to correctly distribute the budget for the winter shopping, namely to abandon the diversity of synthetics in favor of a brighter future in cashmere.

Even more pressing question: where to buy cashmere, to travel more and have left? Popular mass market stores such as Zara and Mango offer things made of natural materials, but remember: the lower the price, the less cashmere items.

What to buy:

Turtleneck, 100% cashmere, United Colors of Benetton, 9499r. Sweater, 30% cashmere, s.Oliver, 6799r.

Pullover, 100% cashmere, Mango, 7999r.

2. Wool

Wool - is always relevant, and generally warm Christian. Buy it can be anywhere, wear - what your heart desires, and it costs sanity. What you should pay attention to this season, in addition to sweaters and scarves? On the corner stone of women's health - warm tights. Accessories made of fur - is still straight, "Wow, where did you buy it?". Here the main thing - the courage, because the councils that offer fashion experts, far from our usual pantyhose traditions.

Natural fabrics, which we deserve

The first and most important: thick tights should be neutral colors. Gray - a favorite of the whole season. Wear both with a bright clothing, and monochrome. If you buy a woolen tights one size larger in the neighborhood of a few wrinkles can make the ankle. It looks very comfortable and feminine.

Second, colored tights was not forbidden, and even vice versa. Recommend wearing them with contrasting colors. Even such a risky color, like white, perfect for the winter. Personally, I'm afraid of white tights, like the plague. Weighing only 40 kilograms it seems to me that the white tights my legs are huge, as the Twin Towers. So if you're the same hypochondriac like me, white does not advise it. To this we add beige and light brown. Everyone else - go ahead.

What to buy:

Tights, Zara, 699RUR.

Tights, Mango, 999RUR.

Tights, Calzedonia, 1099r.

3. Patent leather

About vicious charm patent leather we have said in the article dedicated to outerwear. This glossy and scratchy material can and should appear in your wardrobe, not only as a cloak or coat. Patent leather boots - by the way, red - jackets, skirts, caps, bags, gloves - is where carousing. What for? Then yes, it's the cherry on the cake of your winter image. You can put on the most ordinary clothes, but with lacquered skin will give you the inner beast: femme fatale, descended from the black-and-white film noir streets.

Natural fabrics, which we deserve

What you should know about this depraved material? First of all, it's all the same skin, although more glamorous. From this it follows that the price of a tall, but the quality compensates costs. Another detail: patent leather is self-sufficient to the obscene, so accessories - so again, okay?

Will have to resist the temptation to put a lacquer coat and lacquer boots, otherwise you risk to look like cellophane. Rule of thumb: one lacquer element at a time, and you - the queen of sex.

Nonsense, that is only suitable patent leather skinny. But if you're not sure about how your form will look in gloss, it is best confined to a small area of ​​patent leather: belts, gloves, clutches, shoes.

And last farewell: we are not afraid to crush lacquered skin. Clothes are wrinkled, oversayz coat and belt - it's all about fashion.

What to buy:

Skirt, Mango, 2699r.

Boots, Zara, 12599r.

4. The artificial fur

Faux fur - it is no longer on the beggars, so I consider it my duty to tell you more about it. Perhaps, I will deliver you from the cold this way. So, artificial fur, what is it?

It is made from synthetics, and sometimes of mohair. Mohair - a natural product, in other words, the yarn of goats' hair. But, again, without blood and pain: just animals sheared and then make wonderful coats.

The most important thing to remember about artificial fur - is that it is really warm, and only so already worth paying attention to it. From the apocalypse he will, of course, will not save, but for this there is Dean Winchester. The rest of the faux fur - solid pros: easy to carry, easy to clean, do not need izgalyatsya to save him from death, and does not cause allergies, redness, or other skin problems.

Natural fabrics, which we deserve

How do I wear? Today, the trend oversayz coats, coats with collars, minimalist jackets in bright colors and intricate textures. My heart reaches even to the vest that can diversify casual clothes and warm inside when you have a coat or trench coat.

Do not forget about the accessories: they can also be fur. Charming option - fur cuffs - squeak of high fashion. Their chant names like Fendi, Chanel coat in classic 50s and can be bought in our Zazhopinske. Wear them with jackets, coats and dresses.

They also include bags, hats, belts and gloves: all fluffy, all warm and stylish.

What to buy:

Coat of faux fur, Mango, 9999r.

Fur cuffs, Mango, 1999RUR.

Fur scarf, Mango, 3699r.