10 things that we are destroying their hair

Change your hairstyle in the mirror and look at all the other people with you. From the hair frame the face, depends on your image, and the degree of confidence. Together with the force and is responsible for: hair should be painted, cut, stacked, dried - a lot of work to make it look at five points. But did you know that some of the ways to achieve the perfect hairstyle is actually harmful to your hair? I have collected 10 errors for you, which allowed each of us at least once.

1. Do not dub the tips

10 things that we are destroying their hair

If you ever grow their hair, then you know how hard it is to part with even a couple of centimeters. Some girls begin to neglect regular haircut tips, not wanting to reduce the time otraschivaniya. But daily use shampoos deplete hair and leads to splitting of the tips - you really should get rid of already posechennyh hair. Do you want your hair look healthy? Do not forget to constantly correct ends.

2. Using too much conditioner

The larger the air conditioner, the softer the hair? You are mistaken. In fact, air conditioners are designed to moisturize the hair and not to give them softness. They should be applied only to the tips of the hair, scalp and usually well hydrated enough. Use a hair mask once or twice a week to give your hair the nutrients.

The famous stylist Vernon Francois also recommends oils to moisturize the hair, so that they stay healthy, such as argan.

3. abused overhead strands and capacity

I'm a fan of hair extensions, because with them you feel yourself at least a superstar. However, if you ever do not care for the skin of the head, any weighting of hair can lead to baldness. This also applies to braids of kanekalona and accrued capsules, and even overhead tress. If you decided on something to make your hair lush, it is necessary to take care and how to find the right person who will pick up not heavy materials that are suitable for your hair type.

4. Take a comb for all

10 things that we are destroying their hair

Some of the comb FixPrice can rip the hair. We used to use a brush with a large number of bristles, but you need to pay attention to the type of bristle. Massage brush with metal teeth can only be used once a day, for thick hair should buy a brush with natural bristles, for climbing - silicone. Be sure to assorted hair into small strands with your fingers before you start scratching.

5. Make tight hairstyles

Braids and a ponytail - stylish, saves time, especially on days when the humidity is not on your side. But you risk too much to pull hair and damage the top layer of rubber. Tie a tail a little easier, and lower closer to the back of the head. As for the braids, try a little weakened by weaving or bubble-spit.

6. Comb wet hair

If you're like me, you probably know that if time does not comb hair, then it is possible to spend a half an hour. However, wet hair is much more vulnerable and susceptible to breakage. Be sure to comb your hair before you start to wash. Then, if possible, stripped all the strands before they start combing, and very slowly swipe comb, moving from the tips above, and it is better, slightly dry them, and then takes over the installation.

7. Use a dry shampoo too often

10 things that we are destroying their hair

There is nothing easier than to apply a dry shampoo after an hour's work to the gym, but you thereby thinning the hair shaft, which leads to inflammation and increased susceptibility to damage. The more often you use a dry shampoo, the more likely to store fat will create problems in the form of dandruff and excessive dryness.

8. straighten wet hair

Even if you feel that you can not spend time on the pre-drying and immediately straighten hair, then you should know that it can actually burn them. Allow hair to dry completely before proceeding with the installation, because otherwise they will become dry and brittle.

9. Use the keratin straightening

Someone dreams of beautiful curls and small curls, and someone finds their perfect hair, straight hair, like Kim K. A common misconception is that you can achieve this with keratin, because it is intended for the treatment of damaged hair, and not for their rectification . A too frequent use may disrupt the natural balance of moisture in the hair and cause a violation of the sebaceous glands.

10. The dye hair dye out of the box

10 things that we are destroying their hair

Dyeing hair at home - it is cheap, convenient and takes less time than a trip to the salon. But if you care about making your hair look healthy, then left to professionals. Boxed paint supermarket are supposedly for all hair types, although you could dye your hair, taking into account their individual characteristics. With an experienced stylist, you not only get access to high-quality materials, but also the appropriate care and resources specifically for your hair texture.

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