How to restore the skin after a party

Yesterday you were a princess, and today in the mirror looks swollen Smurfs. Even if you say to yourself "never again", it is worth remembering a few of these simple recipes in which your face will look refreshed.

to clear the field

How to restore the skin after a party

Take care of to get rid of the crumbling makeup, and ventilate the room. Fresh air will fill your cells with oxygen and reduce the headache.


Differences between cold and hot water will help to accelerate the blood circulation, which helps your skin to relax and restore healthy complexion.

Put a spoon in the freezer. When they have cooled down sufficiently, they massage your face, paying special attention to the eye area. This is especially effective in combination with a moisturizing mask for the face and helps to cope with a headache.

Come into the kitchen

How to restore the skin after a party

The apple cider or any dairy products can be used as a toner. For example, you can make a full mask of yogurt because it contains acid that brightens and hydrates the skin. Experts recommend to mix with yogurt a little honey to enhance the hydration properties. Leave this mask on the face for about 20 minutes.

Do massage

Lymphatic massage should be very sensitive, and it should make the expert. But, on the other hand, you can spend very easy procedure using the oil cleaning agents to stimulate circulation. Four fingers gently smooth surface area on the sides of the nose and under the eyes in slow circles. Then go to the place where they meet the eye corner and cheekbone. Promote below the ears massaged. This will help take the excess fluid through the cheekbones, releasing the pressure and swelling.

Eat like a cold

No fast food! Alcohol severely affects the internal organs, your body is dehydrated and sore. Foods high in toxins will only aggravate the situation. Drink warm water with lemon, eat hot vegetables, add to your breakfast salmon and eggs to make up the protein. Replace coffee to green tea.

forth the beauty of

Drip eye drops, reduces inflammation, allergic reactions and fatigue. Use concealer and concealer based yellow pigment, to align the color of the skin under the eyes before applying foundation.