8 mistakes that you make when washing hair

To wash or not to wash - that is the question. Every evening, we ask them, when we look at ourselves in the mirror. I wash my hair regularly for more than one decade, before I did not occur to you that you can in this simple fact to do something wrong. But my stylist me stunned: it turns out, there are many common mistakes that you can make.

1. Comb before washing

8 mistakes that you make when washing hair

It is difficult to wash the head with tangled hair, so that the majority of us in advance comb before going into the shower. According to Fernando Salas, the founder's Skin line of shampoos White Sands, improper brushing causes enormous damage to the hair.

We need to move from the bottom up, working with a smaller area to gently untangle the hair. It would be desirable to speed up the process always starts with a tip, and ends the crown. This is similar to how we unraveling necklace: the very first tiny knot seems impossible to make out, but then it becomes easier and easier.

2. Do not think about what kind of water do you use

Water hardness is really affect the look of your hair. SPA-salons experts say that they can change from excess salts Hair color saturation! Stupid move only because of this, so you can try to use special filters.

It is difficult to find a new apartment with spring water from the tap, so buy in the shops of professional cosmetics shampoos for hard water or a special "tablet" for filtering.

3. You use hot water

Hairdressers say that women should avoid using hot water while washing your hair, because of their structure so go all natural oils. This is especially true of those who have dyed hair. Stylist Stephanie Johnson argues:

Cuticle - is your protective cover, which is important to maintain. Hot water entering into thin and damaged follicles affect the state of cuticles and as a result, on the hair structure. Use conditioners only at low temperatures.

But do not constantly use only cold water, because it seals all the "shine" your hair by smoothing the cuticle. So find a balance between the temperatures.

4. You use some of the chemical ingredients of

8 mistakes that you make when washing hair

Any hairdresser will tell you that you need to avoid products with sulfate content, but now they are supported by more doctors. Certified dermatologist Joel Schlessinger says that sodium lauryl sulfate causes great harm to people with sensitive skin of the head, causing eczema, allergies and other irritations.

barbers also recommend avoiding air conditioners with parabens, which leaves an unpleasant waxy layer on the hair. Synthetic keratin is also not recommended for use, and because it can damage the cuticle to its very foundations.

5. Too often, wash your head

98% of people on the planet do not need to wash your hair every day. Some believe that if they do not, their bangs zazhirnitsya, but usually it is frequent washing and leads to this problem.

The more often you wash your head, the more oil is produced. The body has to spend more and more resources, and all this leads to the depletion of the structure. Hairdressers recommend to wash your hair every other day and use a dry shampoo between washes. To see the result, it will take some time, approximately two to three months. Also do not forget that the structure of the hair is usually inherited genetically.

6. Do not take into account your hair type

If your hair is really oily, you can apply shampoo before they are wet, to remove traces of better. It is important to also take into account and hair color, for example, blondes recommended that you use purple shampoo yellowness.

7. Wash wrong

8 mistakes that you make when washing hair

The last step, but by no means insignificant. Creative director PRORITUALS says that most women make mistakes at this stage. Usually we think that it is necessary to wash off all the air conditioner from the hair, but this is what reduces its useful work. Air Conditioning provides smoothness and protection, so you need to leave it to the slippery condition of the tip.

But with shampoo opposite is true: if even a little left in the hair, they will be sticky and heavy, so you need to be washed thoroughly.

8. Ignore colors

Colored hair, too, need to be handled differently: they are more sensitive to external influences, and it is easier to break, so that it takes really good care. Spend a couple of thousand on the colorist, and then save on shampoo - a pretty stupid idea.