8 fitness tips from Hollywood stars

In the past century, people have been obsessed with their elegance and bright makeup. Although it's been enough years, but these girls are determined the direction of the majority of beauty trends. I decided to see what simple ways Hollywood retro-beauties retained their youthful and elegant figure.

Mae West

8 fitness tips from Hollywood stars

Mae West often spoke in an interview about his love for exercise bike. She went every day on the bike, even when she was 80. The West has been a supporter of coconuts, but only for external use. She believed that coconut oil is retained her skin young for many years. Mei was not a fan of weightlifting, but encouraged the sport, gaining dozens of bodybuilders in their shows in Vegas.

Marilyn Monroe

8 fitness tips from Hollywood stars

The magnificent beauty of Marilyn Monroe was one of the first famous women who preferred to train with more weight. And according to the old grocery receipts and stories of friends, Monroe loved to cook their own useful and rather complex dishes. Her breakfast consisted of two pre-warmed milk and raw eggs.

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo your fans are invited to regularly take sun baths and walk every day in the woods. She was a vegetarian all his life, but did not adhere to a strict diet. The secret of his amazing body she found a variety of breakfast and lunch and no dinner.

Audrey Hepburn

8 fitness tips from Hollywood stars

Audrey Hepburn was known for her perfect posture: her bony skeleton was incredibly strong. Experts say that the correct posture helps to prevent indigestion and back pain. And though Audrey was not a fan of exercise, she liked to walk a lot and always found time for it in your schedule. To save a gorgeous figure, she sat on a simple diet high in fruits and vegetables, as well as indulge in pasta. For dessert - a bit of dark chocolate. And the final touch for a perfect figure - an afternoon sleep!

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich's first publicly announced that the studio makes her lose weight and requires a diet that included soups, cheese and toast ... and nothing more. Marlene wisely decided to add to this exercise, to form the body. The actress, known for her stunning figure, in compliance with the reasonable diet for many years!

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn was one of the first Hollywood actresses who did not hide his love for regular training. Her parents are encouraged to work with the body to the best results, and she loved all kinds of sports, from swimming to golf and tennis. She was proud to be able to perform a lot of stunts and 60 years. At 84, Catherine said that still can stand on your head and walk on his hands.

Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow thoroughly worked on the modeling of the body, to be the best model swimsuits. At the same time struggling actress and for her to figure remained fragile and accurate, so that between films, she gained weight, and then returned to a light salad. As for me, yo-yo effect is much worse than a stable diet, but it's nice to know that not every girl with a perfect figure just born with such data.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor loved to ride horses, swim and walk a lot. However, when her career began to soar, she had to sit on a high-protein diet and perform a variety of exercises. Each day she was eating bacon, eggs and peanut butter, and dinner washed down this Jack Daniels. Surprisingly, while she continued to lose weight. Elizabeth remembers with horror the moments when together with kilograms began to lose a breast. And to keep her iconic look, it recommended a good sleep.