7 steps to a healthy and beautiful hair

Eternal question: why yes why your hair does not look like Kim Kardashian? Either because your boyfriend is not Kanye West, but thou nothing to xux hop did, or because proper care in your beauty routine and does not smell. Problematic hair will live forever, there's nothing to be done, but we figured out how to fight and win. Here are 7 steps that will lead you to a stunning hairstyle.

7 steps to a healthy and beautiful hair

1. Moisturize

Hair rarely dry throughout. Often have to balance the greasy roots and over dried ends. Remember that air conditioners, oils, masks should be applied precisely on the ends of the hair because the power is not from the roots. Repeat this procedure for the best couple times a week.

For washing the hair use a shampoo with argan oil. He not only cleanse your hair, but will saturate them with nutrients. And that hair looked healthy, do not forget to regularly trim the split ends. The owner of the rigid nature of the hair, Ryan seeks perfectly smooth and soft curls constant moisture. When you do not have time for a hair spa treatments, she uses aromaraschesyvaniem. A few drops of oil on a wooden comb can work wonders.

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2. Purification

Most of the cosmetic care products designed specifically for hair. However, they will be powerless if the scalp is not in order. It requires cleansing from dead cells not less than other parts of the body.

7 steps to a healthy and beautiful hair

Regional Technologist brand of professional hair cosmetics Kérastase Olga Muraveva recommends using a scrub once every three washing your hair for normal skin, and once every two washing - for oily. This should be massaged to stimulate the blood circulation and to ensure the flow of nutrients to the roots. Also carefully removed from the skin remains of gels, mousses and other styling products. Order a means of cleansing the skin of the head Estethic House

3. Thermal

Every time you wash your hair with hot water, which is suffering a hairdresser. A strong heating of the hair structure loses its natural oils. Use only cold water is also not worth it - it washes away the bad shampoos and conditioners, hair quickly become dirty, and there is the risk of getting meningitis and less scary diagnoses.

Find a comfortable temperature for your skin. During washing, take a few minutes contrasting soul: a change of warm and cool water will increase blood circulation, and with it the flow of nutrients.

To restore your hair after using a hair dryer or ironing, be sure to use the funds for thermal protection. They will help keep longer hair and give hair vitality.

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4. Increased hair growth

7 steps to a healthy and beautiful hair

Totally prevent hair loss you can not, and it is not necessary - every day we get rid of stale hairs, which replaced the new ones grow.

If the hair thins out rapidly, or the hair does not grow in length, need additional care measures. For example, regular massage of the head, the use of oils and masks. Add to your collection of beauty and night means: while you sleep, they will be engaged in hair restoration.

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5. Power

Hydrating mask with oils and vitamins will improve the appearance of hair and facilitate combing and styling. They must be applied to clean damp hair, spreading over the entire length, or only at the ends without touching the roots. Important in the care of the hair - the regularity, this should be your healthy habit. Like other agents for the treatment of hair mask is best applied once or twice a week. Alternating a number of different means and methods of hair care products. Korean singer Jura from the group Girls Day recommends adding to the daily care serum that will protect and nourish hair. Spread a small amount of money from the middle to the tips of hair styles. This will give your hair a healthy shine and smoothness.

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6. Styling

7 steps to a healthy and beautiful hair

Hair healing effect will enhance well-chosen haircut or coloring.

Dye your hair at home - it is about how cheap, fast and easy to damage them and devote the remaining time of regret for what he had done. Do not come to change the color lightly. Only a professional will help you choose a quality facility, taking into account the individual characteristics of your hair and scalp.

Natural shades of noble colors are in trend and in 2018. All modern types of staining - shatush, Ombre, balayazh - are intended to emphasize the naturalness of the way.

If you're in Moscow, be sure to contact the experts beauty "Golden". An experienced stylist will pick up that suit your color, more intense for those who love the naturalness, or trend, make up your mind if an experiment. Turning to the salon, you can be sure that craftsmen use only professional cosmetics - L'Oreal and Wella. In addition, the hairdresser will tell what care products and procedures necessary to maintain the health of hair and keep the hair as long as possible.

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7. The aroma

A pleasant smell is decorated with no less successful hair styling, is not it? Well, who among us has not sinned in that sprayed on the hair favorite perfume, not knowing the boundaries and measures? Instead of wasting precious bottle of perfume, use cosmetics with bright aromas or a special perfume for the hair. He holds a long time, and you just do not damage the hair alcohol contained in ordinary spirits. Modern beauty industry offers a lot of perfumed masks, shampoos and conditioners that are available not only for professional stylists, but also to us - mere mortals. Scented cosmetics take care not only about the smell, but also the appearance, not to mention the mood.

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