What to wear on Valentine's Day

In order to dress stylishly does not need a reason, but there are days when the soul requires a special outfit. One of these - Valentine's Day. This overseas holiday, we became so native, served as the inspiration for a variety of evening images, colors and accessories. And while you are buying up valentines, getting ready for a date or just fantasize about what will be the most romantic day of the year, I'll tell you what and what you can wear.

1. Asymmetry and gloss

What to wear on Valentine's Day

The asymmetric dress with an open shoulder - one of the most exciting trends in carpet tracks that have tried and Bella Hadid, and Margot Robbie, and even Daisy Ridley. If your Valentine's Day is even remotely resembles the proud procession among the cheering fans and blinding flashes of cameras, the evening dress will not be superfluous. In such a chic outfit and it will be at the graduation, and on New Year's, and any self-respecting woman simply must have a cocktail dress original style even in the name of art.

Wearing a gorgeous asymmetry need a choker - finally nimfetochny this accessory will find its place in the wardrobe of an adult. The wider choker, the better. And if you prefer to dominate as of February 14, the pair of earrings is enough - let nothing distract from the bare shoulder and erotic cut.

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2. Naked shoulders

What to wear on Valentine's Day

Obviously, Haute Couture believes that over one shoulder nudity topic was not disclosed, so the designers produce new or well-forgotten old option - to open the shoulders and bustier straight from the 50s. That just does not make this a big hit on the red carpet: trains, blouses, mini and classic, the main thing - focus on the chest and shoulders.

I have conquered the image of Kate Bosworth in a blouse from Ellery with puffed sleeves-lanterns. It seems that until recently, this is the shirt dress has a playful aristocratic, and today combined with classic trousers. What is not a dress on Valentine's Day? Here and comfort, and rigor, and eroticism, rising with every inch above the waist. If you choose monochrome color, then take care of that on the bags and clutches adorned couple of stones, even artificial.

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3. A cell

What to wear on Valentine's Day

For those ladies that are going out on a date right after work and do not intend to hide the fact that in a relationship, they also love to achieve its objectives, the ideal - cell. She is in a trend and will be among the hits for a long time, considering that charming skirt with feathers from Prada not even reached our Zazhopinska.

What to do with the cell? Combined with other prints! And if you want to stay low-key, I found a great option - midi dress and patent-leather low boots. Try this outfit with a wicker bag - yes, the same one that last summer broke your heart. It turns out that it is not necessary to wait for the warm season to pay tribute to Jane Birkin. Buy Zara:

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4. Shades of pink

What to wear on Valentine's Day

For those who still do not know what to wear pink, reply, with pink. This season, we love these colors: magenta, pink and dirty especially delicate powdery and fuchsia. Wear to date - soon will seem feminine and gentle, and that man did not relax, add other colors - black, brown, beige and peach - but only in the details. To make the image more romantic, add elegant accessories: earrings, a watch or even a ring. Silk scarf - is also a good idea if you want to pay attention to the neck, and his sense of taste.

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5. A strong and independent

What to wear on Valentine's Day

This option is my favorite - chocolate, alcohol and luxury linens. Attire suitable for those who are strong and independent, and for those lucky enough to meet February 14 with the guy and romantic-erotic prospects. In any case, a set of luxurious body and lace gown will make you a great company.

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6. Evening dress

For happy birds who plan to celebrate Valentine's Day in Laksheri, I will certainly advise feathers and ribbon cable. Personally, I am madly brings the finished clothes from the down and feathers, like Prada, or Chanel. If life gave a chance to be a luxury, feel free to spread their wings.

From evening gowns clear: everyone wants to have a dress in a million. The catch is that to do with autfitom after the wine will dopit and roses wither? This practicality makes us girls to refuse sex and silk embroidery in favor of small neutral shade.

But if this winter you are waiting for the love of adventure (and waiting for me, I read in the horoscope), then your option - rent an evening dress. The main thing - Things to do more beautiful pictures.

What to wear on Valentine's Day

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