8 ingredients in cosmetics, which should be avoided

The more you learn the nuances of the cosmetics industry, the more sorry that you skip class of chemistry. To understand how to get glowing smooth skin, you need to learn a lot of terms and read enough descriptions on bottles.

For some time I have acquired the means labels which indicated something very impressive, but it turns out, not all the advertised active ingredients as useful as they seem.

1. Parabens

8 ingredients in cosmetics, which should be avoided

To avoid parabens in the composition difficult, because they are contained in a variety of products from shampoos to tissue masks. They help the cosmetics be stored longer, and even for your purse is nice, it is harmful to health.

According to research portal WebMD, parabens accelerate the development of cancer cells. Most often, they lead to changes in hormonal balance which affects fertility, and can also lead to breast cancer. If you see the words "phenoxyethanol" - remember that this is just another name for the hazardous ingredients! Look for cosmetics that contain natural preservatives, and be sure to check its expiration date.

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2. Retinol

Products with retinol - a real panacea for those who really want to change your skin to overcome the serious acne and prevent wrinkles. Moreover, its application rules are so complicated that it is better not to use it at all than to make serious mistakes. For example, too high dosage may increase the risk of cancer, because the cells will regenerate too quickly. Retinol is significantly exposed to the effects of the sun - it can destroy skin cells. It must be applied only in the evening, and be sure to use sunscreen before going out.

8 ingredients in cosmetics, which should be avoided

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3. Lead

Lead is difficult to find on the back of the packaging, because the carcinogen manufacturers are trying to hide. It violates the hormonal balance can lead to depression and problems with conception. They even say that it is from this dead wife of Ivan the Terrible Anastasia Romanova, who was fond of white lead.

Typically, lead contained in lipsticks and liner in order to prolong their durability. Experts use cunning life hacking to check your favorite tools - smeared lipstick on her wrist and then rub the spot gold ring. If you remain dark bands - is urgent to change the product. The only allowable concentration, which is absolutely not harmful to you, - 0%.

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4. Aluminum

8 ingredients in cosmetics, which should be avoided

This ingredient is mainly found in detergents and deodorants because it prevents sweating. But the amount of aluminum that is absorbed by your skin, much more than you consume through food and water. This material may accumulate in the body and lead to the development of Alzheimer's disease and breast tumors.

All eco-companies have long gone from its use in antiperspirants. Now produce cosmetics that works on slowing the life processes of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

What can replace:

Mineral Deodorant Crystal Aloe Deonat

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5. Shea and argan oil

These ingredients are not as dangerous as the others on the list, but it can actually be harmful in the long-term use. If your skin is by nature a little fat, the shea butter clog pores, and the more often you will use it, the more will be felt oily face. In the case of argan oil, most likely after a year of use your skin structure is completely changed due to disorders of lipid balance and hydration.

Beauticians recommend to use these magical substances rates and time to take breaks to use from time to time.

What can replace:

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6. Vitamin E

8 ingredients in cosmetics, which should be avoided

It sounds strange: how could hurt vitamin? Unfortunately, the effect of using vitamin topically will be approximately the same as when using the Shea oil. It is great if your skin is oily, but it can cause irritation and rash have dry skin.

Pharmaceutic forms of vitamin E consist of fat or lipids, and hence in contact with the skin surface plenochku create light that prevents evaporation of moisture. The longer you on this film, the worse the skin breathes, the metabolism slows down and starts swelling and peeling.

Beauticians recommend to make a mask with active vitamin supplements are not more than two consecutive months, and between these to take a break for at least another three.

What can replace:

Vitamin E capsules orally

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7. Phthalates

Phthalates are commonly used in the manufacture of nail polish, so they were flexible on the cover did not appear chips and cracks. More often than not in the list of ingredients, these substances are hidden by the word fragrance / perfume. Although they are found in very small doses, the more often you use the means with phthalates, the more at risk. Studies of Harvard University linked phthalates with the development of cervical cancer in women and decreased sperm count in men. So either look for paints of different price categories, or to pay attention to the treatment of nail and use a base coat.

8 ingredients in cosmetics, which should be avoided

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8. The alcohol

In cosmetics, the alcohol used for the ingredients to penetrate the skin faster. However, ethanol and other forms of destroying the protective ability of the skin. This also applies to the constant use of antiseptics for hands: a paradox, but the more you wipe you hands dirty, the greater the probability of catching an infection.

Moreover, the alcohol does not distinguish between helpful and harmful substances, and therefore are carcinogens enter the body too much faster.

Choose cleansers and toners not containing alcohol solutions, not zealous with antiseptics.

What can replace:

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