How to choose a jacket in the spring

In the spring I love to dream: on vacation in the best traditions of our god Dionysus, about to finally change the shoes of warm boots to elegant boat, and a jacket.

The choice of this element of the wardrobe - it's not you buy a sweater and jeans on sale. Here, the stars should come together: the Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury in Aries - and that appears in the window necessary to you style, trendy print and color, which is so suitable for your eyes. Jacket in this season is more important than leather jackets, cars Tesla and even Putin's election victory. Tells how he choose what to wear and where to buy at a discount.

1. Bright cell

How to choose a jacket in the spring

That does not take away from the bright cells - is the ability to transform your wardrobe so that the victim of the casual clothes you will become the star of the New York stritstayla. This season, we pray to the subtle shades of pink and lavender, so feel free to take a bright jacket and matching skirt to it from the atlas. The thinner the fabric, the better will be sexually encircle the thighs and the jet at the hem.

An important rule in 2018: oversayz - our all. Jacket at least one size larger is possible to add the usual leather belt thicknesses.

Advice for those who are not afraid of color Total-bows - choose white shoes, vintage style or grandmother. And if you decided to only bright jacket - the feminine boat from classic to extravagant.

What to buy:

Jacket, Mango, 6999r.

Skirt, Baon, 4899r.

Shoes, Vagabond, 7500r.

Earrings, Mango, 999RUR.

Lipstick, Revlon, 299RUR.

Belt, Pieces, 1999RUR. The promotional code to purchase Lamoda: PROMOKODEX

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2. The fitted jacket

How to choose a jacket in the spring

Dreaming of close-fitting jackets with protruding hips is not harmful. But, unfortunately, simulation creation ingenious hands Demna Gvasalia, designer of Balenciaga, has not yet appeared in the shops for a simple consumer, even in Zara.

Wipe your tears, to ride out the deficit trend of clothing, a simple fitted jacket. Very good with the element of the wardrobe looks white T-shirt or turtleneck, with which it can be worn as outer garments when there is not enough heat.

To coat remained your statement to the world by adding a simple skinny jeans and comfortable shoes on a flat-load or low-heeled shoes.

What to buy:

Jacket, Miss Selfridge, 4799r.

Turtleneck, Mango, 1599r.

Jeans, Tom Tailor, 5999r.

Laufer, Vitacci, 5690r.

Bag, Mango, 2999RUR.

Perfume, Chloe, 5249r.

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3. Sport-chic

How to choose a jacket in the spring

From the sports chic I have long had a long affair, and as an ode to glamor sports offer you a free jacket with stripes.

Judging by the fashion trends, sporty style for a long time to be with us, so you can buy something more expensive to have enough for a few seasons at once.

If your closet is already trousers with stripes, then together with the sports jacket it will be a couple of years. I now can afford only one smart thing at a time, therefore, I propose to add a jacket feminine skirt flying style and a plain white T-shirt, so it accurately enough money for everyone. I hope you learned a good lesson about the sport-chic: casual wear looks best with shoes heels and feminine bag.

What to buy:

Jacket, Pinko, 29499r.

Skirt, Mango, 3999RUR.

T-Shirt, BodyFlirt, 790r.

Shoes, BodyFlirt, 2390r.

Earrings, Exclaim, 1490r.

Bag, Tommy Hilfiger, 19990r.

Perfume, Gucci, 4949r.

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4. Leather jacket

How to choose a jacket in the spring

Good girls this season buy their trench coats and macs instead become familiar to all leather jackets from imitation leather. But the leather jacket - it's a different story. She is an elegant rebellion, which immediately declares that you're an adult and you can afford the luxury of the 90s. This coat was probably your mom (my be): badly misshapen, with padded shoulders.

If this rarity is still stored in the closet, though moribund, do not hesitate to put it on with a romantic dress in peas and keel heels.

Buy a new leather jacket is not prohibited by law, and when the weather warms, you will remember my words about a great alternative to black leather jackets.

What to buy:

Jacket, Mango, 9999r.

Dress, Rainbow, 2390r.

Earrings, Exclaim, 2590r.

Shoes, Vitacci, 6690r.

Clutch, Olga Berg, 4999RUR.

Lipstick, YSL, 2306r.

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5. The jacket denim

How to choose a jacket in the spring

Suit denim - it's like Kendrick Lamar for modern hip-hop: stylish, high quality and very fashionable. It is worth noting that denim jacket can be replaced and the correct style denim jacket. Bottom can choose: trendy wide flared as Jeanne, skinny or classics, and topped it does not necessarily have to be combined either in style or color. As accessories so want to suggest something spiritual, in Birkin style. Woven bag or bag-basket fit perfectly - French chic, if you know what I mean.

What to buy:

Jacket, Sack's, 3690r.

Jeans, Mango, 2999RUR.

Sandals, Pieces, 5499r.

Bag, Tervolina, 5990r.

Lipstick, Yves Rocher, 519r.

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With the trend of clothing is always so: as beautiful, thank you, please. Only one question - how to buy it all and move to live in a box from under the refrigerator? The guys from Promokodex, apparently heard my prayers and was told that they can find promotional offers discounts on stylish clothes, cosmetics and even bryuliki. We walk, ladies!

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