6 high-quality brands of contact lenses

Soft and comfortable silicone hydrogel contact lenses were only about 10 years ago. Before that they were made from a polymer invented by Otto Wichterle, and even earlier - from rigid plexiglass. Today, every manufacturer develops its own technology, improving the shape of the lens, its ability to pass oxygen and moisture retention. Especially for you we have made a selection of the best brands of contact lenses.

1. Clearlab

6 high-quality brands of contact lenses

The British company Clearlab exists on the market for about 16 years and during that time managed to introduce several innovations. The brand has released the first one-day lenses aspherical design - Clear1-day. For them it is not necessary to care for, they are hypo-allergenic, so well suited for people with a high sensitivity and those who often travels.

Clearlab lenses made from biocompatible materials, it helps to avoid the feeling of dryness, irritation and itching. Another feature of the brand - "intelligent design," which allows you to improve the visual experience and fit the lens in the eye. So, thanks to Truform ™ technology, the lenses have a very thin geometry, so they are comfortable to wear.

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2. Soleko

6 high-quality brands of contact lenses

The Italian brand Soleko produces contact lenses, eye drops, but particularly popular means for the care of contact DeniQ products among Russian users.

The solution composition includes hydroxyethyl cellulose or hyaluronic acid, which help to retain moisture. Buyers are attracted not only the quality of the product - complete with the means to care DeniQ is a container for lenses as a gift.

Remember that properly selected solution increases the safety of wearing lenses. To take into account, for which you will use the lens care means: soft or hard, color or transparent.

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3. Carl Zeiss

6 high-quality brands of contact lenses

Carl Zeiss - the oldest German brand positioning their products as world-class optics. The company is one of the first developed and implemented in the production of silicone hydrogel - today it is the main material for the manufacture of soft contact lenses. It allows oxygen to saturate the lens than through moisture in hydrogel lenses, and a silicone. Through this lens can be worn continuously, without the threat of corneal hypoxia eyes.

Also Carl Zeiss created hydrogel Vitafilcon A, resistant to any harmful deposits.

In the Russian market of contact lens Carl Zeiss appeared in 2010. The range of one-day, monthly lenses, colored many articles and resources to care for them.

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4. Cooper Vision

6 high-quality brands of contact lenses

The basis of the production Cooper Vision consists of four "families" of lenses, each of them has its own unique features.

Avaira series - lenses made by exclusive technology Aquaform Comfort Science. They retain moisture well within the lens without additional wetting agents. Biofinity lenses are ideal for beginners and people with high sensitivity. They are thin, flexible, oxygen and passed good excellent interact with tissues of the eye through moisturizing components.

The line has Biomedics toric, aspherical and spherical lenses made of biocompatible materials. They have a rich color palette and different terms of wear.

In a series of Proclear lenses includes versatile products, suitable for all types of vision correction. Thanks to PC Technology technology lenses longer retain moisture.

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5. OKVision

6 high-quality brands of contact lenses

The company OKVision not only improves its technology, but also to invent new products. We should also highlight two developments: biocompatible PRIMA BIO lens with aspheric design. They are made of a material Hayoksifilkon A, consisting of two types of hydrogel. It has 3D-dampening system and a protective filter of UV light. Such lenses are well hold moisture and oxygen is passed.

Another interesting product - colored lenses OKVision FUSION. At their creation specialists layers applied to the surface of natural dyes. These lenses can block even the color is very dark eyes. Due to the hyperfine structure of the lens cornea "breathes".

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6. Dreamcon Ltd

6 high-quality brands of contact lenses

Dreamcon Ltd - Korean brand, and therefore we will focus on fashion and make sure the creative product. The company specializes in color and fancy lenses Dreamcon Ltd. The assortment as shocking colors - white, bright orange and charcoal-black and more natural tones that can emphasize the natural eye color. Colored lenses with color without trehtonovoy highly visible rim look harmonious and beautiful.

These lenses without diopters, therefore not suitable for the correction of vision and perform a decorative function. They are suitable for all eye colors, so do not be afraid to take, for example, blue lenses on brown eyes - they completely block the natural shade.

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