What you need to keep your feet always stay smooth

Few of us take care of your feet as carefully as for a person, even though they are no less vulnerable to negative external influences. Synthetic tights and leggings, depilation, vitamin deficiencies and sedentary lifestyle - all this affects the smoothness of your feet.

I have prepared 5 basic rules of skin care, observing that, you can always repeat the advertising focus with a flying leg with a silk handkerchief.

1. Cleanse

What you need to keep your feet always stay smooth

The efficiency of hair removal on the legs is largely dependent on proper preparation for shaving. Before waxing to take a hot shower with a scrub. It will help remove dead skin cells to reveal the pores and soften the hair. In addition, proper cleansing and steaming prevent ingrowth of hair, which often occurs during shaving.

Pumps scrub sponge or a washcloth massaged upward along the leg.

Remember that in the case of laser hair removal scrub should not be used for three days before the procedure. But after it will help get rid of the hair that falls out gradually after epilation.

2. Moisturizing

What you need to keep your feet always stay smooth

After washing, even if not depilated skin, be sure to use nutritious milk with moisturizing effect. If the feet are very dry, apply the oil. It would be the best olive oil, almond or linseed. All creams and cosmetics should be applied only for the steamed skin when the pores opened, so do it right after a bath or shower. For pale skin I recommend trying the milk with the effect of tanning. It will moisturize and give the legs a healthy color.

3. Eat right

What you need to keep your feet always stay smooth

If the skin is dry all the time, and not only after shaving, you should pay attention to your diet. Seafood, fruit and vegetables, vegetable oils should be in your menu regularly. The skin is smooth and elastic, it needs vitamin A, which is especially a lot of fish oil and carrots. Get rid of the itching will help vitamin E. He is in nuts, grains and legumes, sunflower oil and green leafy vegetables.

Do not forget to keep drinking regime, it is important clean water, why not replace it with tea or juice.

4. engage in sports

What you need to keep your feet always stay smooth

Sometimes the feet dry is associated with problems in the cardiovascular system, which lead to the disruption of the blood circulation. Sweat and sebaceous glands are no longer cope with their work, which is why the skin loses its natural lubrication and dry.

These symptoms often occur in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, or, on the contrary, the whole day standing on his feet. For the prevention of skin problems should be taken douches, exercise to strengthen the blood vessels. It is also necessary to make small mobile breaks during the working day.

5. Choose effective methods of hair removal

What you need to keep your feet always stay smooth

Shaving even with all the precautions remains the most traumatic way to remove hair. They need to deal with on a regular basis, which means that the skin is constantly exposed to the negative impact.

Solve the problem of irritation, ingrown hairs and other unpleasant effects of laser hair removal hair removal helps. After the full course of the skin to get rid of extra hairs on the very long term.

In the Moscow studio Soft laser use modern laser devices, which are suitable for almost all skin types. The procedure is painless, all that you will experience - a slight tingling sensation.

After the first sessions will slow down your hair growth will begin to fall out after a couple of weeks. How long will the procedures for your skin, the expert tells the consultation. On average for the complete disposal of hair need 4-10 sessions, but individually.

studio specialists will make sure that the hair removal was fast, accurate and harmless.

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